Business Marketing Magazine Summer 2017 Summer2017 - Page 17

This month’s theme is “Know Your Clients.” Why is this important in selling? Truthfully, you could go through your sales process with one person and they’d be perfectly comfort- able, you’d make a great deal, with win-win results, but the very same process may make another person uncomfortable and they’d close off and consider you incompetent to meet their needs. ‘Personality-based selling’ has become a large avenue of sales for this very reason. I will herein lay the basic foundation of per- sonality-based selling for the 4 personality types, and give a few details on recognizing and tailoring your approach and process to your customer, be they Lamb, Owl, Tiger, or Bull. You may be more familiar with the color per- sonality divisions – White/Lamb, Blue/Owl, Yellow/Tiger, Red/Bull. Recognizing a customer’s dominant personali- ty type is not intended for stereotyping but for organizing and executing effective systematic approaches. You actually do your customer a huge favor when you sell to their dominant personality. Since we all make decisions based on emotion, the key to personality-based selling is to get the customer to FEEL what you want them to feel – they are appreciated, understood, and being given a good deal for a good service/product. A quick note on the psychology of the 4 types – Everyone has some of each type in them. It is the dominant personality to which you should tailor your process. Sometimes you should purposefully include methods for the secondary personality. Nothing works all the time every time, but I am giving you the train- ing that in my experience provides the best statistical likelihood for success. Lambs are non-confrontational, they like to be led, they prefer being shown the answers by someone authoritative. They are typically in positions such as librarian, secretary, and assistant. They typically have well-manicured yards, homes, and drive simple common vehi- cles that aren’t flashy, like a Corolla or a Buick. They are often married to Bulls. Lambs do not like making decisions, or being put under pressure. They don’t like too many details for it makes the decision seem too large. Their typical focus is comfort/security – am I being taken care of? Words to use with lambs: “I’m going to take great care of you.” “I’m not going to let that happen to you.” “This will be the best way.” Words not to use with lambs: “Which would you prefer?” “What do you think?” “Maybe this will help.” Owls are analytical, they like to strive for the ‘logical’ course of action (though we all know we make decisions – especially buying deci- sions – out of emotion and THEN justify them logically). They prefer feeling they know all the facts. They are typically in positions such as accountant, engineer, computer program- mer, teacher. They typically drive efficient vehicles like a Prius or Honda Accord. They can be a hard sale if you don’t learn how to get through their ultimate cop-out “I want to think about it.” Their typical focus is detail/ price – is this a good deal? Words to use with owls: “Do the math – you’ll see that this is correct.” “You’re a smart man – which would you prefer?” “Does that make sense?” “As you can see you’re getting the best price for the best product.” “Would you