Business Marketing Magazine Summer 2017 Summer2017 - Page 10

The Art of Marketing Facebook Canvas Ads H ave you ever observed the amount of time you spend on Facebook? Noticed all that you do while just “hanging out…”? And how much of that time you spend on mobile devices? There are 989 million Facebook users visiting from mobile phones and tablets. This has opened up a great opportunity for busi- nesses to create fun and interesting pro- motions to catch the eye of prospective clients who spend their viewing time on their phones. 10 In the recent past, Facebook Ads released video advertising, carousel ads, and image ads, that through a call-to-action button can link to web pages that promote prod- ucts and services. Social Media is one of the top modes of marketing today, with advertising dollars being redirected to mobile marketing dramatically. Facebook is moving forward with incredible forms of advertisements, to cash in on those dollars. The most recent promotional tool available through Facebook is the “Canvas Ad”. If you haven’t tried this yet, it can be confusing and a bit intimidating. But it is completely worth the time it takes for the learning curve. To take the scare out of canvas ads, we are going to walk through them one step at a time until your business becomes a piece of art. Let’s start with the basics of what a canvas ad is, and what makes it so important to us. Canvas ads are full-page, mobile-in- teractive advertisements, that act like traditional landing pages. Since they only show up on mobile devices, they reach the mobile generation. One of the little known tricks with canvas ads is the ability to not only reach a paid audience, but with a few extra steps, you can make them viewable by your organic traffic as well. Before we start defining what we can do