Business Leader Jan - Mar South West 2013 - Page 6

LatestNews Nickel-Electro cel Artist’s impression of Pure Offi ces Weston Nickel Electro Ltd North Somerset Pure Offi ces coming to Weston businessman to chair international body High-specifi cation serviced business offi ces will be coming to Weston-super-Mare. The new business venue will be part of Pure Offi ces Ltd, and will be located at Pastures Avenue, behind Weston-super-Mare magistrates court and adjacent to St Georges surgery. It will provide units of all sizes, for businesses operating in any sector. Pure Offi ces currently operate fourteen similar business centres across the UK. The development is scheduled to be completed by August 2013. Kim Batchelor, who is Centre Manager at Kestrel Court, which is the Pure Offi ces site in Portishead comments: “This is a big development for the business community because Weston-super-Mare will now have a high-quality business centre offering superb facilities to SMEs in the town and the surrounding area. “The offi ces will be right near the motorway; close to other major transport links. They will be excellent value for money and offer fast reliable broadband as well as a host of other benefi ts in a supported business community. “This site will present many upcoming businesses in Weston with the perfect environment to present a professional image and grow their operations. Kestrel Court has been a huge success in Portishead, with over 80 businesses located there – we expect the Weston site to be equally as successful.” Kim Batchelor - Centre Manager, Kestrel Court 4 Issue 1 - Jan/Feb 2013 A North Somerset businessman is set to take over the running of an important international fi nancial-standards body in just over a year’s time. Barry Horner, who is Chief Executive of the Ham Green-based fi nancial planners Paradigm Norton, will become the fi rst ever UK chair of the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) when he takes up the position in 2014. Between now and then Barry is offi cially chair- elect at the FPSB, as he waits his turn to take the hot seat. Barry has already been president of the UK’s North Somerset Business Leader