Business Leader April-June 2017 - Page 36

Interview: Jeremy Vine Pick up a pencil and put a cross on a bit of paper – it’s not too much to ask I think. Jeremy Vine talks to BLM about all things politics and business. Can you tell readers about your background? “I love politics – I am fascinated by politics! I also love the radio – I always wanted a job in one or the other and I ended up with a job in both. So, my main job really is presenting my show on Radio 2, previously the Jimmy Young show and it’s now the Jeremy Vine show!” You’ve interviewed and met lots of famous people – what traits do you admire in a business leader? “Some people when they speak, they inspire me. I listened to Digby Jones speak a while back and I am not aligned with his politics - but he was amazingly positive about the future of this country. I don’t really relate to moaning – I want people to inspire me. I feel jealous of business leaders as I am very conscious I am not one – I particularly admire entrepreneurs and those who have started from nothing, have got an idea and driven it.” Moving on to politics, were you surprised by Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election? “I was surprised as I believed Theresa May when she said she wasn’t going to do it – so I’ve just cancelled a holiday as I’ll be covering the election. So yes, very surprised – it reminded me of the incident in the Rose Garden in the 90s when John Major called a news conference and announced he was “Brexit is the biggest resigning the leadership story of our lives so far! of the Conservative We’ve had six great party although not the prime ministership, so elections in the last eight it was just one of those years – the first Obama, things that when they call for a microphone then Trump, and in the either in the Rose UK we had Scotland and Garden or Downing Brexit and then we had Street, you know it’s going to be big. the 2010/2015 General q'eٔɥ͕)Ёѽѕɕѱ)ݡ́Ё)ѡȁɹлt)ѥ̻t)]䁑ԁѡ́͡Ё+qQݕȁѼѡЁ́ݼѡ̃Lѱ͡)͕ѡЁ1ȁ͕ٕ́ɔձѥ)͕䰁ݔչɕѥєѡݕ)ѡєLЁ́ɕ䁉ȁȃLѡ)ݕȁȁ٥Ѽͅ+q$݅́ѕA7tĹ͡ɕѱ䁥)ݹMɕЁ́ɕձЁݭ݅ɐ)́ͥѡ ͕مѥٔ䁅)ѡѼݥѠѡٽѕ́݅͡)Ѽѡɔ͔ѡٽѕȁȁ)Aɥ5ѕȸ()%Քɥ)չ)Iɑѥ́ȁ́)ɹЃLԁЁɐѼх)ѥͽѥ+q$݅́ѡɹЁٔمՕ)ЁЁ٥̸MمՔ̃a$єѕˊd)٥܁̃aх́ɔѽd%ӊéٕ)٥$Ёѥ)ͽѡ͕͔٥$ٽє)ȁȁѡѡЁͼȁЁե́)݅丁%Ё́͵ɥѼ䁙ȁѡ)ѡݽɱt)ѥ́)ٽѥѼ)չхѥ́Ѡ)ɔѕȁѡ)ɕձ̸ ձѡ)ɡ́ɬ)ɕٕͅѡ ɕ)ɽ+q9$eЁѡͼ)͔1ȁ)ͥѼ ɕиQ) ͕مѥٕ́ٔ)٥ͱͥѼ)иeԁݽձ䁝)եɕٕͅ) ɕЁԁ1)́ɴɥ)ٕɹЁѕȁѡ)ѥݡ́)䁅Ёѡ́хQ)ɔѡ䁹ѥѡЁ́)Ѽɕٕ͔ ɕлt)ԁѡѡɔݥѡم)Ѽٽєɽ䁥ѡȁɔ+q%ӊéЁͼѼɅՐѡӊéѡɽՉ)Mչȁٽѕ́ѼɸѼ)͔ѡȁ́ȁ)ݸٽєLӊéЁѡЁձиA)Ёɽ́Ё+LӊéЁѽՍѼͬ$ѡt) ͥ́1ȀQ饹ȁͥ́ѕɥ͔