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MOTORING All Grip Ford Kuga ord has facelifted the Kuga for 2017.My test car was the new sporty ST­Line trim. This has lowered sports suspension and loses any exterior chrome, swapping it for black on the grille, window surrounds and roof rails. You also get 18in dark machine­ finished alloys. Inside, sports seats, steering wheel, gear knob and the aluminum pedals complete the spiced­up look. It does look sporty, it also looks quite tall. To be precise, it’s the top­spec 2.0­litre diesel with 178bhp. It comes only with four­wheel drive, a choice of either a six­speed manual F by Ian Beasant, BUSINESSFIRSTMAGAZINE motoring correspondent gearbox or a six­speed dual­clutch automatic. Mine was fitted with the automatic gearbox, although with paddles on the steering wheel to change gear if you wanted. I found that Drive mode or Sport mode was plenty and worked well. Sport mode made the Kuga that bit more eager and Drive was perfect for a relaxing cruise The whole set­up is on the money in terms of efficiency: 134g/km of CO2 emissions and a claimed fuel economy of 54.3mpg are, give or take, However, keep checking the performance figures and you’ll discover that the dash from 0­62mph in the Ford is 10.0sec which is not that impressive compared similar vehicles in this sector of the market. The engine is a little bit noisy on startup, once on the move it works really well with gearbox. The Kuga is quite a large vehicle when you look at it, when you drive it feels agile and the suspension keeps body roll to a minimum, the steering has worked on as it’s nice and sharp. The all­wheel drive system is a great idea and the Kuga does offer excellent grip levels. There are other general updates to all 2017 Kuga’s. These include a front and rear cosmetic refresh, with the new trapezoidal grille also, and new head and tail lights. You also get Ford’s updated Sync3 infotainment system, an electronic parking brake and gesture control for the power­opening tailgate. There's more safety kit available, too, with enhanced optional automatic emergency city braking that works at speeds up to 31mph. The interior is well laid out offering plenty of room for passengers, storage and luggage. The elevated driving position feels a little to straight up for a sports model but does offer excellent all­round vison. At nearly £32,000, I would really have expected the interior to be of better quality and more modern. 2017 Hyundai i30 H yundai have designed and developed their new i30 which is a mid­range 5 door hatchback in Europe. They have done this simply for the European market and maybe to try and compete with the major European manufactures. They can compete or even do better than Volkswagen with their 3 year unlimited mileage warranty; when it comes to the car itself, well I am not so sure. I drove the i30 SE Nav model, which was had a high specification, Satellite Navigation, Dab Radio a host of safety feat ɕ́ݡ)Ցѽ́ɝ Ʌ)ݡѕ́䁅ɵ́ԁɔѥѼ)͔Ѽѡȁٕݥѡ)Ʌ́ѡȁѡ́ԁɔѼٔ)ͥ $ͽ䁑eЁՅ䁥и)Q́ݥѠمɥ䁽ɽ)͕̰ѕЁȁݥѠѡ( !@́履́ɉɝĸɔ)ɽݡхѼՅ)ͥ ɉЁեєɥѱ䁙ȁѡ)ͥ锁ȁЁ݅́ձ%Ёх̀ā͕)ѼЀЁѡͥЁͥ)ɽ$݅́Ѽͥ䁅ٔ)́ȁ)Uȁѡͭ́܁ɥͥ́ѡ(ܹ͙ͥѽլ)!չ́́Ёɥ)ɔٽٕٕȁѡɕ٥)%Ё́եєх՝Ёɽչѡ)䁅ͽѕ́ѡѽ݅丁Q)ѕɥ́եєمՔɕ䁑eЁ)ЁѼɔѡɥ٥ɥ)=ѡѽ݅ݡɔѡɽ)͵ѠɅЁѡ́饹)եЁх$ЁЁ݅́Ё)䁽ȁɽѡɽѡ́)ɽ䁅́Ёٕ݅́ѡ͵Ѡ)ɽɽ̸)Qѕɥȁ́Ё́ԁݽձ)Ёɽٔȁ䁡э(QՅ䁽ѡѕɥ́́䁉)ѡѼ͡ЁЁѡ՝ѡ)ݕЁѽѡȸQɽЁ͕́ɔ)хѡ́)՝Ѽѡɥٕȁ)͕ѡЁ́ɽ̸%Ёɕ䁥)ЁȁЁЁ́ЁͼͥȁѼ)ѡȀԁȁ䁡э