Business First September 2017 Business First September 2017 - Page 70

MOTORING Peugeot’s Space Place W ith what seems like an ever increasing appetite for SUV’s (sports utility vehicles) Peugeot have introduced their new 2017 model the 3008. It has already been crowned European Car of the Year. I drove the 2.0 litre 180bhp diesel engine model with an automatic gearbox in GT Line specification. The New 3008 is a big vehicle, exactly what the buyers in this market are looking for. The GT line was fully loaded with a well­designed interior and plenty of space for all of the family. This is really what SUV’s are aimed at as they are practical and people seem to really like the higher driving position than a saloon or estate car. The 2017 3008 certainly has a strong road presence with its wide front grill and the Peugeot Lion badge in the middle of it. The 3008 sits quite high on its smart 19 inch alloy wheels. The driving experience is very good. The controls are nicely weighted and, thanks to the colour fully­digital instruments, important information like speed is clear and easy to read although I was a little caught out as the speedo moves in a normal clockwise direction and sits on the left of the instrument binnacle and the rev­counter moves anti clockwise and is on the right side. Easy once you get used to it ­ the French like to be that little bit different. The high driving position provides a good view forward, yet the 3008 doesn’t feel particularly large or unwieldy around town. The steering is light but precise while comfort levels are impressive, even over poorly­surfaced country roads. The 3008 does lean a little in corners but it grips very well despite which was good for a vehicle of 68 this size and it being driven by the front wheels only. If you do need some extra capability, Grip Control is optional and increases traction on slippery or loose surfaces, sending power to whichever front wheel has the best traction. On the Motorway you can sit back relax and turn on the adaptive cruise control. In addition the 3008 has speed limit recognition and lane departure warning and autonomous emergency braking, so the 3008 is ideal for long journeys. This has a party trick when paired to an automatic transmission, in that it will stop automatically in traffic jams and then, with a dab of the throttle, start again and follow the car ahead. In a frustrating jam it’s a real bonus and works seamlessly. The 2.0 litre diesel engine is quiet once you are inside the car but outside or when the car is ticking over it can be a little unrefined its economical averaging 55miles per gallon. The Peugeot 3008 is a little different from the ever growing list of mid­range SUV’S on the market. It is a little quirky in places and a bit more expensive (£33.695 as tested)than similar vehicles in its class. With all that mind it does everything well and if you are looking for a bit of French Chic, well the Peugeot 3008 has that in bucket loads