Business First September 2017 Business First September 2017 - Page 68

GADGET REVIEW Is it time for Varidesk in your office? eminders to sit up straight and mind one’s posture – “Don’t slouch!”, “Sit like a lady”, and so on – are something passed down from the elders of society to its youth since time out of time. Everyone from Mary Poppins the world over have kept up the momentum, and even doctors have given their own weight to the cause of sound posture. And why not? After all, anyone who operates from a bad one for long enough will soon discover that they ache all over, that their abdominal muscles and upper body are weak (in comparison to what they should be), and that life is generally an uncomfortable affair. The ergonomics and yoga industries have seized upon this knowledge and used it to their advantage, blossoming in an arena that was once the sole domain of the chiropractor. For all of that, modern science and medical technology, though, have given us new insight into a critical fact: Slumped over or ramrod straight, if you’re sitting down, you’re on the road to ruin. The effects of long­term immobility upon the desk­bound, for example, can include weak musculature, poor posture, impaired breathing and circulatory function, and even (in severe cases) nerve damage or blood clots, which may in turn lead to heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and other life­ R 66 threatening maladies and conditions. Given the prevalence of office jobs in modern society, the importance of a little activity in the workplace and in daily life cannot be overstated. The question is, how does a person do their work while avoiding the sedentary lifesty )Qݕȁ́ͥQͅݽɭ)͕́хͬ)Mхͭ́Eե=ٕ٥)Mхͭ́ɔЁݡЁѡͽչ)Lљɵ́ѡЁѡȁɕȁٕ)ѡɅѥ͕ѕݽɭљɴѼ)ѡЁ́ѡ͕ȁѼ́ȁȁݽɬ)ɽхͥѥ)䁅ѧ ѥՔЁѡ́)ȁѼݡѕٕȁݽɬ͡ݽձ)ɵ䁑ݡɕѡ́) ͕хݽɬ٥ɽи)]ɕձ́ɔՉЁѼͽɕ)مɥѡɕձ́ɔЁչٕͅ)]ɕѼЁ́Ȱ)хͭ́ɽٔѠ͕ȁѠ)ɽՍѥ٥)9܁ѡЁѡqݡӊtqݡtѡ)хͬ́х͡ӊéٔѼ)ѡɕ٥̄) ͥ)]ЁݥѡЁѡȁ̰ѡYɥͬ)хٕͬѕ́ɔȁѡ)ЁЁЁаͽ䁉եа͕ ɥ)ѽ́ݡѡ͕ȁݥɕѱ)Ѡѕɵ́Ѡ)ɽՍѥ٥)%Ё́եݥѠ)ѥѥ́ѼɅɥ́ɹЁ́ɕձЁ)х͔ͬLѡɸ)%х䰁ͽѡɽ́)͕ͥȁݡѡ́ɕ٥ݕɔ)ᅵ́ݡЁ́䁉͔ѡ)ͅѕѥѼхՅ)Ʌ͵͡ѥٔLݡѡ) ٕȁѽѡYɥͬͻe)ͭȁЁɹ́ݡЁ́Ѽ)͕Յ)Q́Ʌͱѕ́Ѽ䁍Սѥ)ѕɥ ͕ɕ́Ʌѕɥѥ)ٕɱ)́ȁѡѥٔͥѡɔɕ䁥ͻe)QЁѥ́ɽչ)ѡ͔Yɥͬչ́ɔՕ́ɽչ)ͽѥ́Օѥɝ̸)Qѽ́ѡQٕɅ͕)͡ձٔɽͥх)YɥͬхٕͬѕȁЁѡ)ͥЁɅЁ݅丁)YͥЁ輽լمɥͬ(Mɍ聹ͥѥ