Business First September 2017 Business First September 2017 - Page 66

BEST PRACTICE Don’t Overlook the Milestones; they shape your progress by Mindy Gibbins-Klein MBA FPSA FRSA ow many times have you heard the expression “Life is a journey, not a destination”? I happen to think life involves both journeys and destinations, and that we do best when we have a healthy balance between goals and progress. But how do we know if we are making progress? The answer is in staying aware during the journey and celebrating the many milestones along the way – both those related to the goal and those milestones that just show up. Setting and working towards goals is absolutely essential if we want to make progress in our business and life. It can be hugely motivating to have a target, such as an end of quarter or end of year financial or sales goal, or a wedding outfit that is going to be tight unless you shift a bit of extra weight. As human beings, we need to have things to aim for, otherwise we are like boats without a rudder, drifting aimlessly around with no purpose or direction. For entrepreneurs, this need to be moving in a certain direction is even stronger. My clients writing books are not only encouraged but practically forced to keep the end goals in mind – not just the book but all of the outcomes related to having that book in print, such as extra business, speaking and media opportunities, raising your profile and leaving a legacy. I’ve learned from my clients that the strength of the goal and the vision can literally make you work on a project even on days when you don’t feel like it. However, too much focus on goal setting can leave a busy entrepreneur feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. There is always so much more to achieve, so many more items still on the To Do list than checked off the list. There’s a lot to be said for enjoying the journey, smelling the roses, allowing things to unfold (sorry, was a that a bit woo­woo?) Years ago, I began learning about the Buddhist way of life and philosophy. Focusing on mindfulness long before it was trendy, I learned to let go of the go­go­go and simply be present. It’s fantastic to be able to enjoy the moment without nagging worries about the past or the future. And it’s more relevant for business people and leaders than ever before; as my client Philip Cox­Hynd outlines [\“Z[[\[H\و[HHXKH^KH[Y]K\؜\[]ۙB˘\[\ٚ\ۛ[K˝Z›܈H\\YX[[Y\[\[]XH[X[H][HZ\B\^H\][K[\][\[ ]\\][˜[]\H܈XY][[][˂H]\Y]HX]\]HYY[[YH[ [H[]][[ܙHHH\^H[[H[X]BHXY][Y[وH\[ۙH^K\[\H[[X]H[ [\H\HHZ[\ۙ\][YH\ X]\][H\H[܂]\[H\H^Z[[H][[ۈ[B܈ Z[\ۙ\ZHYۚYX[\^\ ܂]\H\^JKY^\H\ق[[܈ܘ[[[ܚ܈\[\˜[]\\Y\ˈ[^H]\BY[XY\HY\][XYقX][\H^H]\܈][\›Z[ۙ\[[\[[\X[B[X]H[H܈HZ[\ۙ\^H\K^HY[Z\H[\][\B\Y܈\Έ[X]PSX\\ˈ]XZ\YH[ܙH[[[ܙH[\\[]]\H[ܙH[] XۛY[][H]HXY]YY][][][[\YX\[ž[\Xۜ[\][H[YH[\[[[\YKݚ[Y][[\[\XZ܎[B[[Y]HH\وY[[YH^H\HZ[[Z\\[\[ܚ][Z\ݙHY][[\[\˂[]\[HXY]HY][܈B\[YK[H[HY][œY][ZH8&HY&]ۛYH[] ]x&]HۙH]x&BY[H\HHXY][Y[]\[\ۈ܈ۛ[K[H][Hۛ][B\HY[ۙH\XZ[[\[[H[]H[H\H[H]]BY[[وX\[[[Y[ [[BX^H][[\H[HܘXۈ]ۙBوZ\[ˈ[H[][ݙHY][H^\^Y\H[\\܈[\\[ [X][]\H\[ۙH\^BYX[[\Xۜ[\[[\۝X™]\Y\YHX[H[Y\[XYو\ۘKY[H\H]ݙHY][\\[HH[[]][X\ۈو[BY[H[[H]HY[Y[[\Y[[Y ܘ[\H[][˂Y[H[[H]HY[\YۂH[[[Z[H\^K[XHYHZ[[\˂[]]\[H[Y[X\˜[X]H[[HXY]HH]H[H\\H[ ܈[H][[YB[\[\˂][[[HH]X[]Hو[\YB[H]\و\˂X]Z[HX[RZ[Z[HX[RZ[PHHH\B][pX]\0][[[\][ۘ[XZ\]]܈[YXY\\]Y\ \Y\ \]][\H\]X]\[[YHYXY\ˈ\]\HY[XY\Z\YXY\\H]][ [\[SوPSYXY\HZYYp[[XH\Z[B\]]ܙY[X]]ܙYZY˂H\[HY[\۝X]܈B\[\\ۈYXY\\[Z\[[\ٚ[KZ[x&\Y[]HX\ٝ[Hܚ][[X\Y[ܙH[ L [[Y›و[[[ۘ]Y\X\][ۚ[[\[\\X[YXY\[Z\Y[ ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈZ[HX[BZ[YH˛Z[Y˘