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MARKETING 7 proven steps to bulding a successful Brand Carol Magill, Network Manager for the Chartered Institut of Marketing on how to build your brand Building a Brand Diary Dates Every successful business trades on its reputation, so building a trusted brand is essential whatever your size or sector. The process is always going to cost time, effort and money. But you don’t need a bottomless budget to do the basics well. Here is a simple reminder of the fundamentals, with entrepreneurs and smaller businesses particularly in mind: Video Content: An interactive workshop 26 September 2017 :10am­4pm; QUB, Belfast. Discount for CIM members, open to non­ members : charges apply. Book here Cisco recently announced that online video content will account for 69 per cent of all online traffic and many marketers are looking to be ahead of the curve and exploit this opportunity. This small interactive full­day workshop will support you in moving forward and making video a central part of your marketing and communications strategy. Delivered by Peter Craven from Blue Sky Media. Identify your values. Your brand 1 is a combination of symbols, such as logos and colour schemes, and the core values that make up your company’s ‘personality’, like reliability or creativity. These values are lived through every aspect of your business activity, from the way a phone is answered to the way a client or customer meeting is followed up. Your values need to be based on the strengths and goals of your business. They must resonate with the emotions and personal values of your target audience. Being clear about what you stand for, from the moment you launch the new brand, will help to differentiate you from competitors and deliver a consistent service. Taking the time to define and articulate these values clearly will reap rewards in the long term. Commission a logo. If you do the job right, your logo can be the centrepiece of your branding for years. Whether you commission a graphic or a specially designed font for the company name, it needs to fit with your brand values. Don’t skimp on the initial design of the logo, but your signage, stationery and advertising )ɥѡ䁱ͥٔ) ͥȁ܁͕ѥѡ͔ɔȁԁ)ѡ%Ё䁉ѡЁѡ䁍݅и()5ɔ啕́ɔ)ɐ%͵̰ͥ()ѕ啕̀ݕٕȁ)ԁٔѡɕ%ӊe)хЁѼٽٔѡѡɽ)ͥȁ܁ɅЁɅ)͕ѡЁѡȁѕɅѥ́ݥѠѽ)ѡȁɕɍȁɅЁȁɅ)مՕ̸) مͥ啔٥̰ȁ٥ѡ)ѼɥєݥѡѼ)ٕѕѡ܁Ʌ) ɕєѕи ̰ݕ)ͽɕЁ)ѡ̰Ёх((؁ܹ͙ͥѽլ)ѥMݡɽє́ɔ)مՅѼԸ%Ёх́ЁЁѼե)хՑЁЁٕ)ԁͥѥ)ͥ́́Ё́)ȁ] )ѥѽ͔́)̸MѕЁѡ)ͻeЁѕ͕Ё)х͡ȁ䁅́ѡ)Ёͥхɝѕѕи)ͼѡЁͥ)ݡɔѥѽ́ٔѱɕ͕()AэѼɹ̸ ե()ɕѥ́͡ݥѠɹ́)́ɕѱ쁄ɕ٥܁ɽ)ѕͽɍ́ݽѠѡɐݽɬQѼ)ɽ٥ѕɥѡ䁍͔Ѽɕє) эѥՍ́ɥɕ͕ɍ)ȁյѕɕЁѽ䁅́ѡ́́ݡɔѡ)́ͅЁȁɅمՕ́ɔ)ٽ͕)-Ёͥѕи5ɔ()ٕѡԁЁѼѡՉ)ٕ䁥ѕɅѥԁ)ȁѕٔݥѠȁ́)ѽ̰́չݥѠȁɅمՕ̸)Qѽȁ͡ձ݅́ٔѡͅ)ͥѥٔɥѡ䁡ٔѼи)Q́́Ёѽȁ͕́ͅ٥)Ս́ȁɭѥѥ٥ѥ̸)хQɅ͙ɵѥЁ)؁9ٕȀ P)QݕȰ и)ɕѼ %4 ɝȁ )̸ ɔ)ɕ̹լ%ɕ)ݥѠѽẽa՝ dͽ)ٕɹЁ́ѼЁ)չѥ͕́٥́ȁЁݥ)ͽє)Qٕ́Ёݥɕ͕Ёݼ͔Ց)ݡݥɴѡ́ȁѡٕи)Q͔ݥɅє܁ѡ9ѡɸ)%ɕ ٥M٥9% Ĺɕ)ѥѼѡɵ́ЁѡЁх)ѕ䁡́٥́ѽ̸) P-̰ѡѵЁ)ѡѵЁɥձɔ٥ɽ)IɅ́ݥɕ͕Ё܁ѡ䁡ٔ)ݽɭѽѡȁݥѠѡȁх)ѼɕєݼЁͽѥ̸)Q͔ٔͥѼɕѡ)ѽȁаՕ٥)ɽٔѽȁ͕٥