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Dr Newmans Clinic is making ‘veinwaves’ in Northern Ireland leading UK clinic which specialises in the removal of thread veins is making ‘veinwaves’ in Northern Ireland, where an increasing number of women – and men – are opting for a pioneering new treatment to help restore their confidence. Dr Newmans Clinic – the only doctor led clinic of its kind in the UK – introduced its revolutionary microwave treatment Veinwave (Thermocoagulation) at Malone Medical Chambers in Belfast last year and since then a steadily increasing number of patients, travelling from as far away as A Waterford, have been seeking out the non­ invasive walk­in, walk­out procedure. Founded in 1998, the Veinwave technique harnesses microwave technology to heat fine blood vessels and destroy them quickly. It can treat all skin types and is effective in treating facial thread veins and rosacea. It can also be used in conjunction with Sclerotherapy to treat thread veins in legs. The virtually pain­ free procedure is also more effective than laser treatment and results can be instant. The Veinwave machine used in the treatment passes a high frequency microwave directly into the vein with a very fine needle and can treat up to 50cm of thread veins in a session. The heat then destroys the wall and content of the capillaries as the needle is insulated. Dr Michael Broughton of Dr Newmans Clinic, who carries out the treatment at Malone Medical Chambers, said he was delighted to bring Veinwave to Belfast and to help patients rebuild their confidence through the removal of unsightly thread veins. “We first came to Belfast exactly a year ago with Veinwave and since then have seen many patients who have had the treatment carried out and have been thrilled with the results of our pioneering technology.” "At the moment we are seeing equal numbers of men and women attending our Belfast clinic and while some results can be instantaneous, other patients have to have multiple treatments; it just depends on the individual. “As we are a doctor­led clinic, we can reassure our patients they are receiving true clinical expertise and are in very safe hands,” adds Dr Broughton, a former GP and dermatologist who travels to Belfast from London’s Harley Street. Dr Newmans Clinic has featured on primetime Channel 4 show Embarrassing Bodies and runs nine clinics in major cities across the UK. It is estimated that around 15 million people in the UK suffer from thread or spider veins. Their exact causes are not known although hereditary factors, heat, alcohol and hormonal changes are known to act as triggers. For more information on the unique thread vein treatment offered at Dr Newmans Clinic visit 39