Business First September 2017 Business First September 2017 - Page 34

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Your children’s jobs haven’t been invented yet E by Janette Jones, PwC Tax Partner ighty­five per cent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet, according to a report published just a month ago by Dell Technologies and the Institute for the Future (IFTF). And, that means that workers entering the labour market today need to be thinking – not about what they’ll be doing 30 years from now, but what they’ll be doing in the next ten – or even five years. The pace of technology is so intense and change is so rapid that people will find themselves learning in real time and ‘in the moment’ using new tech tools like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). For tomorrow’s workers, the ability to gain new knowledge may become more valuable than the knowledge itself, but it’s not just workers that face change. Companies and governments will have to reimagine the possible and stay one step ahead; disrupt themselves before they’re disrupted; and remain optimistic about the opportunities of this brave new world. In PwC we’ HY[][ZXYوB\K\ܝ\[\[\[[[[›\\ܚX\\[ۈ\X[[^Y\ܜ[ۜ[[˂\\ۜH\Hܘ[[YHو[[•[Y\X[XX\[\[™Xܜ8$]۝Y\[][\\¸$[\[[Y][ۈH\H[]œ[H]HX\و[Y\[XKX[HHYL[[[8&B]x&H8$HXܘ]]HXH[]\۝^H]\\\HX8$[B\Y[H]H[ۙHY[[ۙYX[[܈^܈]Y] [XY ^Hٙ\Y[XK\0Y\Yۈ[][[Z[\Z\\\[ۈو]HؘXHX]\B^HY\\]YH8&]HX\&Bܘ[[YH\HH[^[^YX\BH[\Yۈ[\H\]\[Y\˂ܚ[]\[X]B[[Y[[[Y[H^\[[\\[XHX [\[[][]HHܙX]\Zp]\[SHXX˜[HܚٛܘH]\Y\]Z\Y܈Hܛو]۝Y\\HXH\Z[[YK\X[\ܝ 8'[؛X[\؜8'HY\][ܜ&\]۝Y\[X\HY\\^x&\^\Y[KBY]H[ݙ[Y[وHX\H N][\K][YX]\[[HBYX[\][ۈوH^[H[\K\B̈˘\[\ٚ\ۛ[K˝ZH]YH\X[H[ܙH؜8$[Z]Y\[[\[Y8$HX]]BZ[HYX[\][ۈܙX]Y[[Y[B]X[ \YXX[[[Y[H RJK]YY[YX[]K\X[X[]KZ[ [[؛X[H\ۙ[[[Y[و\ܝ\]HXH\H]\p[]H]Hو؜8$[\XH[B]]؜]۸&]Y]^\ Xܙ[H\\[H\ܝ^B[[HH [[XXX[[[\[[[ܜZXܛؚX[X[Y\[Y][0Y]Y\ܜ˂YYH][\\HZ^[[XYH][[ܙH[\\[Έ[^]^p[]܈ܝ\\[[\[Y\\H[Hܙ\H[¸&\8&H܈8&ٝ8&HZY]H8$܈[Hܙ\][X]\܈YH[\Y\’[XY[HYH8'YXۛ^K8'H]\ۙB\H\[Y\[]\B\]Y [\H[ܛX][ۈXBX]H\][H]HBX\\H[\]H[K[]][\KXH[[[HBY\]Y[ܚ[[ܘ\KXZ[ܚ[Hؘ[ []Y\H\\][XB\][\K\Y[YYYB'\[X[ZY8'H[Y\[XY\8$RKTZ[ۙ\H[\]ق[ [ K؛ [[8$]]\H\[\[HۜY\[[][[[ݘ][ۈ]YY\\[ XXو\H\H[X[[]‘۝Y\[[Y[HH][\\˜ܙX][H]X][ۈ\H[Y]\][[[[HYH[[Y[قX[YX\[H8&XYH[[x&H¸&[Y\H[[]8&\YYY8&H[ܙX]HH\XH[\H\H[XYق^X[ܚ\X\H[ق[[ܚܚ[\]H܈H\\\H\]HH؋\H\H[YY[[[Y\]^B\H[[[ܙH\YH[[ܙB[[Y[[H[[\[\\[ۘZ]KY\[\X^H\X] ]Y\[˜ZXY\\H]\H\[\[]\Bܚ\[\\HK