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CONTENTS Putting your Business First WHAT’S INSIDE YOUR ISSUE IN YOUR DIGITAL ISSUE YOU CAN CLICK ANY PAGE TO BE TAKEN STRAIGHT THERE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP & COMMENTARY Chartered Golf Tourism Local Councils Foyle Port – Accountancy: a major players in charting our post- success in Career to count on Economic Drive Northern Ireland Brexit course Pamela McCreedy continues Derek McCallon George Fleming Chartered Accountants Ulster Society NILGA Londonderry Chamber of Commerce Dr Peter Bolan Ulster University Page 20 Page 30 Page 52 Page 60 How are your Brexit Plans coming along? The most recent results of the InterTradeIreland Business Monitor Report shows that most of us are still shy of planning for the potential impact (negative or positive) of Brexit (see page 33). Yet in 18 months, with or without an agreement, we’re leaving. So what’s holding us up from planning for what will probably be the most important economic event of a generation? Fear? Perhaps. Inertia? Probably. FEATURES Belfast City Airport leads way for Responsible Business in Northern Ireland Business view on the Irish Border Paper Angela McGowan CBI Northern Ireland BEST PRACTICE And perhaps even more importantly, we need to be influencing what happens post March 2019. You might not agree with the CBI response to the Government’s Irish Border Paper (see page 22) but at least they are engaging with Government to give them feedback from Northern Ireland plc ­ something our elected representatives are unambiguously failing to do. Katey Dixon Forde Campbell LLP See you on the frontline! Gavin Gavin Walker, Managing Editor FRONT COVER IMAGE Michelle Hatfield, Corporate Responsibility and Human Resources Director, George Best Belfast City Airport See page 12 for the cover story Dr Esmond Birnie Ulster University Your children’s jobs haven’t been invented yet Janette Jones PwC Page 12 Page 22 Page 31 Page 32 Let’s face it, we all try to put off making decisions that might require change until it we are forced to do so. And often that’s OK ­ but not this time. This time we need to have real strategies and plans in place to meet whatever lives beyond March 2019. So no matter the size of your business, we all need to be undertaking two actions from today: (1) to begin to seriously consider the impacts of Brexit on our company. They might be positive or negative, but we need to model both and plan accordingly, and (2) ensure that our business concerns are heardard. Most of us belong to business organisations, so engage with them and encourage them to present a clear and forthright response to Government’s plans as they unfold over the coming 18 months. Thinking the unthinkable: Economics of Korean Wars GDPR: Completing a Data Audit The Roles and 7 proven steps to Don’t Overlook bulding a Duties of a Charity the Milestones - successful Brand they shape your Trustee Carol Magill Jenny Ebbage progress Edwards & Co Chartered Institute of Marketing Midy Gibbens-Klein Page 16 Page 21 Page 46 Page 64 In our Digital Issue you can click on any square to be taken directly to the article. Download it from Subscribe to BUSINESSFIRSTDIGITAL Subscribing to a complimentary copy of BUSINESSFIRSTDIGITAL Magazine couldn’t be easier and we’ll send your copy of the magazine directly to your mailbox every time we publish. To subscribe, visit our website at and follow the easy links to our subscription page. PUBLISHED BY: The Wordworks Partnership (Limited) Suite 60. Enterprise House Balloo Avenue, Bangor BT19 7QT Tel: 028 9147 2119 YOUR BUSINESSFIRST TEAM Editor Gavin Walker Sales Jenny Belshaw Finance Margaret Walker Design Studio Tw2 1