Business First May-June 2017 Business First May 2017 - Page 59

Tourism cluster gathers momentum with Live It Experience It A Forward thinking cluster of tourism businesses called Live It Experience It has been launched to showcase to the world the extent of what our beautiful region has to offer in terms of activities, food and drink and great places to stay. Chefs, accommodation providers, food and drink tours, tour operators, restaurants and activity providers and many more, can all come under the one umbrella to tell their story, refer business and collaborate to create unique experiential packages. Live It Experience It was launched at the end of February at the iconic Arcadia in Portrush with an announcement it is to partner with the Vauxhall International North West 200 as its tourism partner for 2017. Last year alone, the North West attracted 100,000 spectators with 20 per cent of these visitors coming from overseas. These visitors generated a total of 60,000 bed nights across the region. Total revenue generated for local businesses amounted to £6.2million. Eleanor McGillie, director of Live It Experience It, said the cluster tells the story of Northern Ireland to our visitors coming from overseas, to local people living in Northern Ireland and also gives people in the corporate world the chance to escape the boardroom and head out to experience what we have to offer. Speaking about Live It Experience It, Eleanor McGillie, said: "We are a team of multi­media journalists, bloggers and business owners who have the capabilities to bring people together, present opportunities to our member businesses and give the public a great search tool. "We have created a cluster concept and a brand which people like and engage with. Live It Experience It aims to help all tourism businesses grow by telling their story in a meaningful and relevant way. "Northern Ireland has so much to offer with many hidden gems off the beaten track. Our website,, allows businesses to showcase what they can offer, it allows visitors to search the region and what there is to do. We give visitors a real flavour of Northern Ireland. "So for us to launch with the announcement that The Vauxhall International North West 200 is to partner with us for 2017 opens so many doors for so many businesses. "It's Ireland's largest outdoor sporting event which is growing year on year. Tourism businesses are key to providing spectators with memorable experiences and we want Paul Eastwood, left, and Grant Edwards, right, of Tughans with Eleanor McGillie them to leave with great stories to share. "We have water, land and air based activity providers, lakes and mountains, golf courses, glamping sites, flying clubs, walking tours, bus tours, fBFW'2&W7FW&G2BV6&R%vBvRfRW"vF'7FW20VVvRW7BVVBFFVW"f6F'0W"7F&W2v6vGW&&W6VB 'GVFW2FVW"FW&6'W6W76W0w&r VV"6BFRFW&W7BFR'W6W72@7V6V&ǒ7FvR2FW7FVBFFRF'7@bFW&6'W6W76W2FvWBFR7W'BFWVVBFw&rBFWfV6RFFVC$W"V&W'2&RVf 'W6W72FW6G&'WFRV6֖6ǒ66ǒB7VGW&ǒ6VRv@F&RWFF'2&frFV"VF@vV&Vr&Vr7FfRVrFVƖ6W06ǒ6W&6VBfBW"&'2@&W7FW&G2BW6rFR&VF&W2$&VG&WFrFW'FVG2g&Ц6W2fRFRF6F7BvFW0FW&W72FV"FW&W7B6֖rFW2F6VRrW"V&W'26VWBFV"FVЦ'VFrFVVG2"FVVB6ƖV@VFW'FVBVR&Rrf 6WFrFffW&VBBgV GFVFrFRV6w6FP&FVǒSFW&6'W6W76W2v2G WFW"&F&V7F"bFW&FG&fVBFW&6BFRVfW'6GbV7FW"'W7F&BVfW'6GbV7FW"&W6V&6W"@V7GW&W"FvFFW&6BWfVG2f6FW6vW"BW7G&F"6&tVb 8F6s#WfVBF&V7F"W'gvFR$RBWfVBW&F2vW"fW&wW26W'gvFR$RFBFRVFV6RF@ƗfRBWW&V6RB&fFW2Ff&f 'W6W76W2FFVFV"7F'B6BBw2fF7F2vf"FR&6R&v6W'2FvfPFV"7V7FF'2WFVF2F7FR`vB'FW&&VB2FffW"आR6C%FRfWFW&F'FvW7B#2W7F&Ɨ6VBG6Vb2&V֖W 7'FrWfVBBw2FR&vW7BWFF 7'FrWfVB&VB$FVvFR&6RFW26RFR'F67BFW6R7V7FF'26G&fV&V@'FW&&VBvRFW&RW&RvPvB'W6W76W2&vB7&72FR&VvF&VVfBBvR6vBW"7V7FF'2FrvB'FW&&VB2FffW"vPvBF6RVRFVfRvFvB7F'FFV&WBvB'FW&ग&VB2FffW"BƗfRBWW&V6R@vVW26WfRFB f"&Rf&FƗfRBWW&V6PB6F6FV66B6wwrƗfVFWW&V6VB6ХFR'FvW7B#FW26Rg&|*У2wwr'W6W76f'7FƖR6VSp