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been to add value to our clients where others are not offering it, maximising efficiencies and productivity through her dynamic management style. @CTSProjects others that as long as they work hard and smart, anything is possible. @speirin business growing brand ‘NI Plc’ across the globe. I love learning and believe that we should be encouraging STEM within our schools, which is why I facilitated a range of visits to NIACE by local schools and spoke at schools on the importance of STEM to every day life. I am a firm believer in collaboration and in helping SME’s in particular to overcome challenges, grow and achieve their true potential. www.ccp­ @CCP_Gransden RICHARD KENNEDY JONATHAN IRELAND JONATHAN IRELAND, Lanyon Communications Northern Ireland’s 40 Under 40 is about recognising people who are a shining example to others in business and there is no doubt that Jonathan Ireland is exactly that. At the age of just 30 he has grown a highly­ successful and well­reputed consultancy business that services some of Northern Ireland’s leading organisations. He is a strong leader and manager, and his clients respect and trust him implicitly. He has established and maintained an outstanding reputation in the local market place – thanks to his commitment to excellence and quality, his reliability and integrity but, most of all, his likeable nature, which renders him highly respected and highly admired by clients, colleagues and business colleagues alike. As well as excelling in what is a demanding and impressive career, Jonathan gives of his time and expertise generally on numerous Boards and Committees, and in extra­ curricular activities for the benefit and enjoyment of others. @J_IrelandPR RICHARD KENNEDY, xperience IT Solutions At Xperience Richard Kennedy looks after the groups cloud division as well as the day­ to­day management of the engineering team. Richard has been involved in the tech sector for over 17 years and has founded numerous companies, the last of which was acquired in 2010. Richard recently joined the company’s board of directors as Cloud Services & Infrastructure Director. Richard is an extremely experienced, dedicated, loyal, focused and self­motivated professional with extensive cloud computing, virtualisation, managerial, business development and technical expertise. He has a proven track record in the design, deployment and management of enterprise grade, high performance, and redundant cloud computing platforms. On the cloud front, Xperience sees its future lying well outside of Northern Ireland. Geography means nothing when it comes to the cloud. There is no reason why Xperience cannot work from Lisburn with companies and organisations in the USA or anywhere else in the world! @xperiencegroup HENRY JOSEPH­GRANT, PeaceTech I have extensive experience in what it takes to build and scale technology startups. Northern Ireland has a huge diaspora who leave each year and I am doing everything I can to help not just prevent that but create new opportunities so those who have left Northern Ireland can return. I am not hugely concerned with raising my own profile but realise that by doing so I can help raise awa