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NORTHERN IRELAND 40UNDER40 LIST 2017 Northern Ireland 40under40 List 2017 a digital wrap­around service to Business Start­Ups in Northern Ireland aligned with their business strategy. In 2012 Emma established Craft Fairs Northern Ireland on facebook, which to date has attracted over 9000 followers. Emma has a passion for the crafts sector in Northern Ireland and endeavours to assist and promote this industry wherever possible. @EmmaSGarrett ADAM GILMORE I had a vision to create a company that would be committed to become the country’s leading electrical contractors, leading safety standards, have a high­quality workforce and exceed customers’ expectations at all times. I truly believe I have achieved this. LAURA GILLESPIE LAURA GILLESPIE, Pinsent Masons Laura is a partner in the Litigation & Regulatory team of international law firm, Pinsent Masons. She is one of over 420 partners across 22 offices globally. Laura handles a range of commercial litigation (corporate disputes, insolvency, property disputes and judicial review) and leads the regulatory practice in Northern Ireland, with a particular focus on the Energy and Financial Services sectors. Laura rose through the ranks quickly, being promoted to Legal Director in 2011 and then to Partner in 2014. Laura not only manages a busy practice but also is the sponsoring partner for trainee management for Northern Ireland, involved in graduate recruitment and trainee progression. Laura has been recognised as a leader in her field in both Legal 500 and Chambers. Her insight into regulatory compliance means that she regularly delivers training to boards, business groups and industry bodies. Laura is a trusted adviser to a range of household names and clients praise her commercial, pragmatic advice. @LGillespiePM ADAM GILMORE, AG Electrical Coming from having very little business knowledge before, I have gone through a very steep, lonely learning curve. Learning how to be an Employer, Accounts Department, HR Department, Company Director, Head of Sales, Contracts Manager, learning from how to do cashflow projections to end of year accounts. Starting a new business is the toughest most rewarding job I have ever done. 36 www.businessfirsto [K˝Z“PTTSBZ[Y[XXH^\Y[Hܚ[\HXۜ[[[H[X[][X][ۜš[\KX\&\\[\[ۈ܈Y][[[Y\\[ۈ]\HY[KH\[\š\ܛۈX[X[H[X[YX\8$[ MKY[]YYXH\8&\\ܛ[”SH X\[[HX\][HY[H[R˜[\[[8&H[ MH \NJK\]H[ܙX\Y\]][ۈ[BYX[Xۛ^KܛوH\[BX[\]Y[ M]Y[[[ܙX\[H \[ [JKX\›XYH[[\][HX[Hو LX[Y[ŒLLHX]HY[]H]X\\HY\\[œ[وݙ\0 HZ[[ۋ]\\ܛ[X\]Y[ M˂˛Y[]0[YYXKBX\\[LNMBVSHSVSHS Yۜ[[[X\][’HYZ[Y^\Y[H]YHقܝ\\[[8&\\\ܛ[\[Y\’Zۈ ][\HHY\JH[[Y[[][]Y\ VH[\[]\وHYX\[[\ H[H[YYۜ[[[X\][\YX\8$HX\][Y[H]\ݚYH[[\HXY[\XH]H\ۈ\X]Y[[[]H˜[[[\ܝ[H]H]\H0BX]\HY\[8$Y\H\]\ۂ[\Y[]\H[]\[ۂ[[\[\HH\H]ZXB[ٛܛZ[]X\][Y[Y\YX[[KH\H[Y[H][B[X\[ݙ\H\YX\]HܚY]ݙ\ L\[Y\[[H^][›]\\][H][ۘ[\[Y\˂[H^Hو\[H[YH\[ۛ^H[]H\ۘ[\XH[H]\ۈ[\Y[ HZ[[][ۜ\[BZ[]\[[X\][[\ZYۜ˂PTTSKY[]YYXBX\\[H\HX[Y[\X܈[[\وY[]YYXH8$HXX[\Y\\[Y[H]ٙX\[[\ X[[\˂X\[YH\[\[ LH0H][”TSHSS”TSHSSڙXڙX[Z]Y\[[\HXY\[HX][[ۜX[ۈ[X[]Y\›X[Y[Y[Xܜ[ܝ\\[[ \[H\H^H]\[\X\[ۈš[\YۚYX[H[\K[ݘ]]BXY\][\HX[0][YH\ܝ[˜[\Y\ۜH\Y\Y][]\ݙYHXZ܈[Y][[\XX[H܈H[\H܈[\XK\[x&\[Y\X[[[\[\]YYۚYX[\[\X\ݙ\H\ L[۝H[YۚYX[[Z[B۝Xܝݙ\0Z[[ۈ]Bܝ\\[[\[^X]]K\\[Y\ۛHXH\[\YYHY\\][[H]\B[\؝\[Y][ۈ\XYٙXH[\[[ \[x&\ܛ]YH\