Business e-Book Collection August 2013

Improve your Franchise Relationship and Make More Money A Little Book for Franchisees by Bree Vreedenburgh Franchisees – Do you want to make more money? What a stupid question – of course you do. Everyone wants to make more money. It’s one of the “Home Truths” of going into business: We are in business to make money, to provide for our families and to give ourselves a comfortable life. And as a franchisee, you get a head start, because you bought into a system that has previously been proven to make money. In this Little Book, we are going to look at a few practical things you can do to continue to improve your fortunes as a franchisee. It’s not about having more stock, or bringing in more customers, or increasing prices. It’s about improving the relationship that you have with your Franchisor. Text Copyright © 2013 Bree Vreedenburgh All Rights Reserved