BUOR Beauty News Vol. XV - Page 6



Perception Institute Creates First Hair Implicit Association Test to Measure Bias Against Textured Hair

During some recent research our team ran across this study & survey results that was released earlier this year.

The study done by Perception Institute was the “First Hair Implicit Association Test” to explore the “Explicit and Implicit Attitudes Toward Black Women’s Hair,” This “groundbreaking study examining attitudes toward black women’s hair.” For most Black Americans it confirmed what we already knew.

Inspired by Shea Moisture’s provocative “Break the Walls” campaign, which highlighted the divisive constructs of beauty by challenging traditional aisle “segregation” of hair products by race” we’ll talk about that campaign in a panel discussion at BUOR Live 2017

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The study included 4,163 participants: a national sample of 3,475 men and women, and a sample of 688 “naturalista” women from an online natural hair community.

Using the Good Hair Survey and the Hair IAT. The survey assessed women’s explicit attitudes toward black women’s hair, hair anxiety, and experiences related to their own hair, and the Hair IAT assessed implicit attitudes toward black women’s hair.