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Fresh off the Rail Fashion Week is a recognized platform for streetwear designers and celebrating the convergence of fashion, culture, and creativity in the heart of Midtown Houston on October 16-20, 2017. “Notice I did say recognized”. Thanks to Travis Hamilton, Fashion Designer, Houston, Texas is officially recognized on the International Fashion Calendar and is the largest streetwear fashion week. This year locations included the Ensemble Theatre, FOTR Gallery, and Midtown Central Square. The brands that were recognized are Negris, LeBrum, Jamel Hawk, Ebony McCann, Keosha Jenkins, Carlos Castillo, Deon Leo, Famous and Love, Jamel Hawk, Paisely 360, Risk is Key, Danny Nguyen, Hamza Fashion, and Stuck Up Girl

To top it off Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee (Campaign Ambassador) thanks Mr. Hamilton for reaching out to her for her assistance in making sure that the City of Houston is the official fashion hub for the streetwear industry. Congresswomen also asked that everyone continues to support Mr. Hamilton by makring sure that the City of Houston remain the official hub for the streetwear industry and to make next year events greater and larger than this year event. Coming Spring 2018, Fresh off the Rail Fashion Week Fall/Winer March 8 -12, 2018, now accepting designers. For more information visit freshofftherail.com

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