Bulk Distributor Sept/Oct 16 - Page 9

Road Tankers September/October 2016 BULKDISTRIBUTOR HOYER wins long-term BP contract L eading bulk logistics provider HOYER has signed a long-term agreement with BP to provide bulk fuel transport and logistics services throughout the UK. As part of the contract, HOYER Petrolog UK, based in Huddersfield, will take on responsibility for order taking, stock management, scheduling, despatch, physical execution and reconciliation of all retail fuels in the UK, as well as aviation fuels in Northern Ireland. Mark Binns, Managing Director of HOYER Petrolog UK, said: “We are delighted to confirm this new contract involving more than 400 staff and drivers. The agreement is a significant step in HOYER achieving its strategic growth objectives for both the UK and across Europe. “This contract award also builds on the already existing relationship between the HOYER Group and BP, who are one of our most important corporate customers.” SDC secures major Eddie Stobart trailer order S DC Trailers has secured a new £6.8 million order from road haulage operator Eddie Stobart for 240 trailers. It is the first major contract announced since SDC’s acquisition by CIMC Vehicles, the China-based global trailer manufacturer, in June. The order features 50 gooseneck skeletal trailers and 25 extendable skeletal trailers for Eddie Stobart’s port logistics, 125 curtainsiders for retail operation and 40 brick/block trailers, which will be put to use in the operator’s new aggregate division. The deal represents a significant investment by the haulier, which acquired 650 SDC curtainsider and boxvan trailers earlier t 2V"66FrvFFRG&W"FVFV'&FvR'FW&ग&VB&6VB4D226VVG2VW&rWrWF2VW&w&V6fW'77FVU%27W'F6FW"v62VFW&vr&@FW7FrG&2'VFFR7F&'B6'FƗ7FVBg&s"VG&W2f"&W7FvW2WW&VG&W"fFv&BFRU%2G&W"v6FVƗfW'2&VGV7FgVV67VFBw&VVW6Pv2V֗762'WF#RRvRG2vFfW FW"F2FvW&RFRvW'2v&RV6VBBFPcgF6W&6fV6RWfVB&7W6W&4Tb4D2G&W'26C( ėN( 2&VV'W7BVFW2V"f"4D2FFFRvFW6FW"&GV7Ff6ƗFW2FRV6bW"VW&pWrU%2G&W"W"7V6F'42BrFR6rBG&W"fFv&G2FR&Bv&@fW7FVB4D2fRWBF&7F6RfW"FR7BfWpV'22vVBW2F6V7W&R6FVr&VF62vFW"7W7FW'2B&R&V6v6VB2RbFRVFpG&W"'&G2WW&R( РvW&f&6R6Fw0f ƖpF气6FW'0( 6V֖6&W67F6PF&PFR6V֖606VFp6G2ƶƗ26fVG2@650@VF&P2࠮( 6VƖ\*ǖW 6Fp0rP6ƖG0vFWG&VVǐpd72࠮( 6VƖ\*ffW'0fW&ƗGF6vP6&vW0gFW 6P6Vp@FV6F֖F@77W&6P`6&vW&Gg&Ж&VvpFVBࠤf"&Rf&F6F7B'F&R0v&F6FW"vW"'F&R6"f6BW"vV'6FRBwwrGbǖW"6РGf6VBǖW"6Fw0fCCR2ࠤ0v&0'FW'6vF9䐔v$6rvW&璒vW&f&6P6FpƖ6F f 6'&6&FV7FvF&PFCPV'0WW&V6PFPG&7'@6V7F"ࠢCCӓ3rc#PCCӓ3rSCbfwwrGbǖW"6Р