Bulk Distributor Sept/Oct 16 - Page 4

4 Tank Containers BULKDISTRIBUTOR September/October 2016 Managerial appointments at Köppen F rom 1 September, Robert Schaefer has taken over the lead of the transport department at Köppen GmbH, the Duisburg, Germany-based tank container transportation and management, container cleaning and storage company. Schaefer, 37, succeeds Marco Thalhaeuser and is now responsible for the operations of more than 20,000 tank container shipments per year, primarily with hazardous cargo within the Rhine-Ruhr region, and the operation of Köppen’s own 50 trucking units. He was previously logistics manager at HANSA-CHEMIE in Duisburg and joined Köppen in 2003. He has since participated significantly in the development of the department and from 2008 on has been the deputy leader and responsible for the planning of the trucking resources. After eight years in operations Thalhaeuser, 41, has now joined the executive department as Manager Business Development. His role includes the centralised marketing for all company services, logistic projects and IT development. He has held positions at CENTRANS SPEZIALLOGISTIK and HOYER GmbH, and in 2008 took over the management of the transport department at Köppen. The turnover has nearly doubled since then. Köppen GmbH is the leading tank container service provider in North Rhine-Westphalia. Based in the location of Duisburg, regarded as the most significant intermodal hub along the Rhine, the company offers the specific infrastructure for tank container operations. The firm’s highly regarded logistical services are also connecting the production sites of the chemical industry at Rhine and Ruhr with the container terminals elsewhere in the region and at the coast. Marco Thalhaeuser Robert Schaefer Tare weight datab 6R2ƗfP@RWrFF&6Rb6FW"F&RvVvBFFV6VBV&ƖW"F2V"'FR'W&VRFW&FFW26FW'2$22ƗfRvFvVfW"b֖Ɩ6FW'2WFVBBWrfW2&VrFFVBFǒ6FW"vW'2BW&F'2&R&VrV6W&vVBF6vWFWBFV"fVWBfW2FFRFF&6RB6W'2&RfFVBF7F'BW6rFRFFFRBFF&6Rv6v2V6VB'FR$2&W76PFFRWr42FF'6FW"vVvBfW&f6F&WV&VVG2v66RFVffV7BVǒ&fFW2V7F66W726W&6Rb6FW"F&RvVvBFFFV7W'B6'&W'26W'2f'v&FW'2BFW"FW&VF&W2( fvrF2bv&r66VǒvF6FW"vW'2W&F'2B6W'2FRD4Bv2FWfVVBF&fFR6RVffV7FfRFFBV26W'2vW'2BW&F'2F&VGV6PFV"v&BB&fRVff6V7( WVB&W'G&BvVfg&$26V7&WF'vVW&( f"6Ɩ6GFR6Rf7W2bFRD4B2F6GW&RFRFV666&7FW&7F72b6FW"6VFrF&RvVvBw6FRFP6FW.( 2W&FV&W"( Ф6RgVǒVFVBFRFF&6RvV&RW6W'2F66W72f7B6W&6Rb6FW"F&RvVvBBFW"FV666&7FW&7F726ǒ'VW'rFR6FW"V&W"FR6V7W&Rv6&fFRFRFFWFF6ǐFVw&FRFFF6W"Bf'v&FW"77FV2VFW"WF@ffW'26W"FW&FfRFf6FrVFRvV'6FW2"'FpF2f&Fg&FR6FW"F"ࠥuur$TU4D