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16 BULKDISTRIBUTOR Track & Trace September/October 2016 Shell selects satellite asset solution G lobal oil giant Shell has deployed a satellite-based asset management solution in the Netherlands to securely manage its movable assets on land and at sea. By more closely and efficiently managing its high value assets and their associated test certification, Shell has achieved a positive return on investment on the solution in just three months. The Alltrack track and trace solution, provided by Globalstar’s Dutch-based reseller Improvement-IT, incorporates QR codes, Globalstar’s SmartOne satellite asset managers and a cloud-based content management system. Alltrack has been integrated with Shell’s internal mapping software utility to make it easy to precisely locate assets, while geo-fencing confirms that items are in the right place. The solution ensures that equipment test certificates are valid, eliminating paperwork while speeding up supply chain operations. To date, Shell has deployed 250 SmartOne devices attached to high value assets including pumps, tools, power supplies and generators, on land, in containers, in transit or offshore. With terrestrial mobile communications networks being unreliable or non-existent in these locations, satellite was the only strong communications option. Improvement-IT chose to use Globalstar’s SmartOne simplex asset manager for communications because of its reliability, long battery life and ability to switch between battery and line-powered. SmartOne uses motion sensors, comparative GPS positions and sensors to gather and transmit asset status information over Globalstar’s satellite network. Designed to be accessible for non-technical staff, Alltrack need just 15 minutes of training. There are currently around 100 users at Shell. Shell started by using 2D QR style codes to track down hole drilling tools for oil and gas platforms as they went into and out of its warehouses. Then, in 2015, it extended this facility to tracking assets being put into containers for transport or storage, and tracking them by GPS, communicating the containers’ status back to headquarters. “Shell has very challenging asset management requirements as its equipment is used down wells and in environments with high pressure and temperature,” said Daan te Nuijl, Managing Director at Improvement-IT. “The deployment has gone smoothly and immediately started delivering benefits to Shell by cutting the time and cost involved in finding assets and ensuring the correct certifications were in place.” Albert Bos, Team Leader, Well Services Workshop at Shell, said: “When a container arrives at the warehouse, security officers now already know what’s inside and the test certificates are automatically validated, saving significant time. We can also easily see which of our rented assets are being underutilised and so we can return them and cut costs.” Shell is now testing ‘track and trace’ in other parts of the business, including monitoring pipe and tube materials. FOR A HIGHER UTILIZATION www.TANKMILES.com REZ-1 acquires IAS R EZ-1 has acquired International Asset Systems (IAS) as a complementary offering to both companies’ customers. REZ-1 is owned by DCLI, an asset based business with over 130,000 intermodal chassis based in Charlotte, North Carolina. DCLI wanted to expand into services and the addition of IAS will add to their offerings bringing domestic and international offerings together. This will make DCLI chassis more valuable to a trucker or forwarder. New Track & Trace solution from RAM R AM Intermodal Software launched its latest module during Transport Logistic China this summer. The company presented the new GPS Track & Trace solution to both existing and potential customers of its market leading tank operating software. RAM is a leading provider of software to the international tank operating market, enabling tank owners of all sizes to manage sales enquiries, quotes, orders, fleet movements, EDI, M&R, billing, documentation and other business activities. The new GPS product is said to bring significant automation to the work of operating tanks and comes with the promise to help revolutionise the sector by significantly reducing costs and increasing tank utilisation. A STRATEGIC TRENDDSETTING PARTNERSHIP: New tracking portal T he innovative Quala Trax Portal has been launched to allow customers to access real-time container service status and invoicing. The programme has been designed to keep clients as informed and updated as possible and ensure fleet management more efficient The portal offers the ability to: *Live-track a container’s status in the cleaning process, 24 hours a day *Track container history at Quala facilities * Access current or past invoices, wash tickets and work orders *Receive alerts when the container is ready to go.