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September/October 2016 Track & Trace BULKDISTRIBUTOR 15 Brenntag relies on Kuehne + Nagel turns to automated reporting digital platform to boost overland efficiency B renntag GmbH has been using the OpenTAS Terminal Management System to load its heating oil and diesel products at its terminal in Britz, Berlin. Specialists from the Implico Group set up inventory accounting using the OpenTAS system before moving on to tank truck automation. Processes such as EMCS reporting or the creation of shipping documents for truck drivers now take seconds to complete. Britz is the only mineral oil terminal operated in Germany by chemicals distributor Brenntag. Deliveries arrive via railcar and are shipped out using trucks. In the past, the heating oil and diesel shipments were managed using two separate software systems and processes had to be completed manually. Company bosses decided to introduce hardware-neutral software able to communicate with any equipment in the field. Avoiding potential errors caused by manual input is one benefit; another is that month-end accounts for the terminal as a whole are both easier and faster to prepare. Automation via a centralised system improves further on Brenntag’s existing stringent checks. Master data for the tank trucks and their drivers – including TÜV certification, registration papers, driver’s licenses and ADR licenses – is now stored in the system. When drivers log on by entering the terminal with their tank trucks, the relevant checks are made automatically. During loading of the shipment, OpenTAS manages the loading checks and warns if the truck’s gross vehicle weight is exceeded. The bulk of the data communication workload is handled by Implico’s Hamburg-based data centre. K uehne + Nagel has linked up with the TRANSPOREON Group, operator of the leading European cloud-based e-logistics network, to implement a digital collaboration platform with Full Truckload (FTL) and Less-than-Truckload (LTL) carriers. The global logistics provider will migrate its processes for transport assignment, transport execution and monitoring in the FTL and LTL segments to the TRANSPOREON platform in Europe in order to accelerate and simplify interaction with customers and carriers. Use of the e-logistics network will enable Kuehne + Nagel to increase operational efficiency and real-time transparency along the transport chain. This innovative approach is part of the company’s digital evolution and underpinned by experience gained through the acquisition of ReTrans, a US overland logistics firm using a digital logistics platform to connect to its carrier base. In Europe, Kuehne + Nagel chose the well established TRANSPOREON network, already used by more than 57,000 carriers. This partnership will allow carriers to use one integrated platform instead of signing up for multiple market places. A proven onboarding process will allow Kuehne + Nagel to easily connect with additional carriers. The carriers will have real-time access to Kuehne + Nagel’s transport requirements across Europe and be able to quickly respond to the demand with their available capacity. Dr Nils Wemhoener, Senior Vice President Operations Overland at Kuehne + Nagel, said: “The new process allows optimising truck load factors, reducing operating costs and environmental impact. Using the TRANSPOREON platform will drive efficiencies for our customers and carriers.” The rollout will begin in France, one of Kuehne + Nagel’s key overland markets, this autumn. Johs Martens switches to Fleet management Trimble’s CarCube system system on the cloud T he Asset Intelligence subsidiary of I.D. Systems, Inc, a leading provider of enterprise asset management technology and solutions, has announced the release of its next generation FleetView transportation fleet management interface for fleets of dry van trailers, intermodal containers, chassis, and flatbed trailers. Providing online user access to the VeriWise fleet management platform, FleetView represents a major step forward in fleet management software, giving users better visibility of their assets while streamlining system functionality, resulting in an improved and enriched user experience. With a modernized and simplified design, the FleetView user interface is intuitive and easy to learn, and places emphasis on visual navigation to make routine fleet management tasks and activities more efficient, and provide quicker access to critical information. As a fully hosted, cloud-based solution, FleetView requires no additional hardware or software to deploy, and can be used with any modern web browser. T ransport company Johs Martens has equipped its towing fleet with Trimble’s CarCube telematics solution and is already reporting efficiency gains. The integrated on-board computer allows the company to capture relevant, precise and reliable vehicle data. The driving behaviour analysis provided by the Driver Performance Portal is also supporting the development of targeted training that focuses on reducing fuel consumption. With approximately 350 employees, Johs Martens specialises in the transportation of petroleum and cryogenic gases in Germany. “Discrepancies in data were frequent occurrences with our old telematics solution and this was a source of discontent among our drivers,” said the company’s Managing Director, Marcus Ulrich. The switch to the CarCube has successfully resolved these problems and boosted the drivers’ confidence in the technology with accurate recording of statistics such as driving and rest times. The Trimble system is also easier to use and the integrated navigation and messaging system are streamlining communications between drivers and back office. 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