Bulk Distributor Nov/Dec 16 - Page 9

Technology November/December 2016 BULKDISTRIBUTOR 9 Van den Bosch finds logistics solution with Quintiq V an den Bosch Transporten is a bulk logistics provider that specialises in transporting liquids and dry bulk products for food (beer, chocolate, sugar) and non-food (plastics, minerals, oils & fats) industries. It is one of the top five bulk transporters in Europe and is expanding into the Middle East and Africa. Consequences of planning decisions Lack of integration and real-time propagation meant that planners had limited visibility of the consequences of a single planning decision or the impact of collective decisions made by different planners across the supply chain. The challenge The planning puzzle faced by Van den Bosch Transporten is one of the most complex in intermodal bulk transport. Every product comes with extremely stringent requirements regarding hygiene, temperature, previous loads, shelf life and more. These factors may require that some products only be transported using specialised skills, trucks or containers. For example, a particular product that requires heating during transport immediately limits the number of containers available for the job. This process of resource matching adds yet another layer of complexity to the planning process. Van den Bosch Transporten found it increasingly difficult to fulfill these requirements while trying to increase delivery performance and improve customer satisfaction. As its business grew, the bulk logistics provider found that the transport management system (TMS) and non-integrated supporting systems it used in its daily planning processes no longer met the new requirements. The use of multiple systems and increasingly complex rules meant that Van den Bosch Transporten’s planners struggled with numerous challenges. Decentralised data entry Because its systems were not integrated, Van den Bosch Transporten was not able to incorporate critical data into its planning process. Updating pricing schemes and slot allocation used for intermodal connections, cleaning stations and charter companies drained precious time. Laborious planning methods Because the original TMS could not cope with the growing complexity and increasing customer demands, planners had to manually manage a multitude of constraints and requirements such as safeguarding product contamination and cleaning rules, matching resources to orders and deciding on optimal modes of transport. Visibility challenge Because Van den Bosch Transporten’s planners worked with multiple non-integrated planning systems, they lacked end-to-end visibility of the activities taking place across the supply chain. This was further complicated as the accurate locations of all required resources were hard to obtain. The solution Van den Bosch Transporten’s search for the ideal technology partner to solve its complex logistics puzzle ended with Quintiq. Logistics Planner, powered by Quintiq’s world record-breaking optimisation technology, is the answer to increased visibility and control for Van den Bosch Transporten’s planners. Configured for a 100% fit to the bulk logistics provider’s business, the solution takes into account all of its unique and highly complex rules and constraints to create plans that advance its business KPIs. Logistics Planner matches c W7FW"&FW'2v7B&fR`'FBrf&&W2f"V6&FW"FR6WFvVW&FW0F֗6VBFW&FF7VvvW7F2f"FRW.( 26VV7FFW6RF2FRF66VB7W7FW"&WV&VVG2&Vv&FpVƗG7FF&G26F֖F'VW26Vr&w&W2@GW2b&W6W&6W26RFRFFBBVB&RFWFW&֖VBv7F70W"7&VFW2FW&F&w2BƖW2F֗6VBG'V676vVB7VvvW7F2FR6WF( 2&VFR&vF"V7W&W2FBW"7F0&RWFF6ǒF7W'6VB7&72FRVF&RࠥFR&W7VG07&V6VBf6&ƗGB6G&fFV&66G&7'FV( 2W'2&RrVvW&V@FR6'FW"FV662FBvGf6R'W6W722ࠤv7F72W.( 2&ƗGF6GW&RFR6vW2FW7F&Ɨ6V@266VBfVVF&6V2FBW66F2&R@FRrg&VVBg&FR֖WFRbVrW'26rFVF6FR&RbFV"FRBGFVFFvW"WfV7FfFW2FBv'&rWfVw&VFW"&VVfBFfFV&66G&7'FVBG27W7FW'2FV7&V6VBrgVfVB67G0f7FW"B&R67W&FRr2VBFfW&&VGV7FfFV&66G&7'FV( 2G&7'FF67G2v7F72W"F֗6W2FR6Fb&FW'2F6FW'2FG'V62BG&W'2BFVfW2FF2f BVG2FRFW&FWGv&2'FW&rF6FW"6fWG7F62BFW2FR6WFV7W&W2F@6FW'2&RW&fV7Fǒ&6VBF&VvWBFRWGv&ख7&V6VB7W7FW"6W'f6RWfV0VF( 27WW&"rBF֗6F6&ƗFW2V&PfFV&66G&7'FVFWFF6ǒFW&RF7W7FW"6Vr&WV&VVG2BFVƗfW"&GV7G2vFw&VVBFRg&W2( 2667FVFǒ2&W7VBB26VVfW&7&V6P6W'f6RWfV2B7G&VwFVVB&VF62vFG2WrFW&7W7FW'2FRWB7FWFR7V66W76gVVVFFbv7F72W"f&2FP&62bFRWB6RbfFV&66G&7'FV( 0'FW'6vFVFVFv7W'BfFV&66G&7'FV7G&VwFVrG27G&FVw7W7F&ƗG'FVw&Fp7W7F&ƗG67VF2FWfW'7V7BbG2r'rFW6R67VF2FVw&'BbG2&6W72W'2v&R&RFV7W&RFR7BbFV"7F2FR6( 26&&fG&B( 2V&ƖrfFV&66G&7'FVFVWBG2'W6W72v2BG'VǒRFffW&V6R266ǒ&W76&R6ࠤdTTDR4Tԕ5E%vFG2VVR6FBFRV'BbFRWW&VB6V֖6GW7G'FR'BbGvW'ffW'06FVGB7W7F&RfFv&Bb67FB6vRv&B672v7F72B7F&vPf6ƗFW2&V7BvFV7W'76VBW&FW6VV6RB7W7FW"f7W26V֗7G'R6&VǒfVV6VvRW2@7W7FW'6W'f6T'FfGvW'6ФfrW2@wwr'FfGvW'6VfVVFV6V֗7G'66V֗7G'