Bulk Distributor Nov/Dec 16 - Page 6

6 Intermodal BULKDISTRIBUTOR November/December 2016 Suttons secures sodium cyanide contract S uttons’ North American team has won a significant contract with Cyanco, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of sodium cyanide. Due to the toxic nature of sodium cyanide and strict regulations surrounding its storage and transportation, Cyanco was looking for a logistics partner with significant experience in hazardous materials. Suttons’ technical department worked closely with Cyanco’s technical team to update an existing tank container solution which features a sparger system designed to dissolve solid sodium cyanide briquettes into a liquid sodium cyanide solution, used at multiple gold mining sites across the world. George Easterling, Cyanco’s supply chain director, said: “We have a strong working relationship with Suttons and are highly impressed by their flexible and innovative approach. We are committed to safety of not just employees and customers, but the environment as well, and so maintain strict controls that manage risk and are pleased to have a responsible and solution-driven partner in Suttons to work with us to develop our processes and procedures.” Steve Lonsdale, business unit director, Suttons Americas, added: “This is another important contract win for Suttons. The client was looking for a company with world class safety, security and compliance credentials, plus a proven track record in managing technically challenging solutions on their behalf. Suttons had the right blend of knowledge, experience and infrastructure to meet their specific brief.” 10 YEARS SOLUTIONS FOR CARGO OWNERS TO REDUCE COSTS AND CO2 BY RUNNING A SLICKER SUPPLY CHAIN Over three days you can: • • • • • • • discover the very latest freight solutions available from over 300 exhibitors; test and compare alternative ideas all in one place over three days – save time! your one stop shop to compare suppliers and modes; Free to attend inspirational seminars from CILT and FTA ; network with the industry’s elite and forge new business partnerships; participate in the exclusive Shippers’ Village to hold your own private discussions; dedicated pavilions representing FSDF: focusing on food and drink logistics; Air Cargo; Logistics Leaders’ Network & UK Warehousing Association; New Romania terminal P &O Ferrymasters and Transmec Group have extended their 14-year collaboration with the official opening of a new private intermodal terminal in Oradea, Ro vVB'FV"FǒvV@6FW&FfW7BFRFFfR&fFW2FVF6FVBf6ƗGf"FP'FW'6( 2&&6VBFW&FƖ2&WGvVVvW7FW&@V7FW&WW&RFR6W2V6VB&VvV&6W'f6RGvV'2v( 2FǒfFRV&Ɩ2&&ƆVB7W'F6( 2BFFVBFǒ&&WFRVPgFW"7V&rFR&FVW&FW6r&fFR&W&F'2F'VFVF6FVB6G&2FW&R&R7W'&VFǒF&VR&VBG&2vVV&WGvVV&FVBVV''VvvR&VvVBGvvVVƖ涖r&FVvF6VFǒG&6BFW2bW7BCs"W'2&P&7FVB'6'B&RGf6RF6R&WV&VVG2W&F2&R7W'FVB'6&VB6&W6W&6W06VFrWGv&bSff6W27&72WW&RSV6W6G&W'2B6R"S7V6Ɨ6VB6FW'2F&V7B6G&bvfVWBWVVBwV&FVW2V"&V@f&ƗGFR&FVFW&֖2W&F#BrvFGv6VFp6FfW2BGv&V67F6W'2V&Ɩr&BGW&&V@bG&2&VBFR666V7W&G6fW"6VFW23"45E`6W&26FR6W'f6W26VFR'BW'B6V&6RFvW&W2vG26&ƗGB7&72F6rG&6V@F6V7W&Rv&VW6r&֗GFFR&FV&r&B&fFW2G'V666W72FFR&FW&Bf'v&B6VB'&BF@g&FR&ƶ2GW&WV&RFfB'Vv&6&R'&vVBfFRFW&֖2vV26'B6V6V7F0g&67FFBf&F&66V6VG&W2FRFW&֖266GFFV&R7W'&VBF&VvWB@7G&FVv2W626VFRrFRf6ƗGf&PFFW"FW&FW&F'2g&V&ǒWBV"dfW''7FW'2FW&FF&V7F"v&P6VFVC( W"7W7FW'2vr&VVfBg&FVF6FVBBFVw&FVBFW&F&GV7B6fW&rfW''&&BBFW&֖W&F2FRfW7FVG2FRF7V&RBWw&FRFRFW&֖FV7G&FRW"rFW&Чf6B&FFFWfVgW'FW"FFRV7B( ФvrF&V7F"&2&VFW"FFVC( FRdw&W( 06fFV6RFW&FFWfVVB26VFW&ƖVB०VV''VvvRvW&RW"G&2W&FRg&FR&V6VFǐWFVFVBdfW'&W2&FW&֖( РvFWfW"W"&RvWFW"^( &R&WFW"Vf7GW&W""'BW'FW"RvfB7WƖW'2F6fRW"6WG&7'BBv7F72&WV&VVG2࠮( ( BV&VBW2FVW"WW22FFW"7WƖW'2FR&WB6Rfp&VV&ƖW&VBF&VvW6rǒ6V&W"b7WƖW'2f"V&W"f"V'2( РBv2W6VgVf6BvVBFVWBvFV&W"bW7Fr@FVF7WƖW'2B6&Pf&W2Wr6W'f6W2RF( Р$R77FV0w7࠮( fW'7V66W76gVࠦfFrWrFV2f"W7Fp6VvW2( Ф'&F6W6WVР( w&VBFVWFV6vFFPGW7G'6VRWpWVVBBFV2( Р( W6VVB6RvFVWfW F7F7Bv26W@&GV7G2BFWvW&PgVfVBrvFF2vVBWrVv6Fখf&Fv6v0Bv&Rb( РvVv'FFRf6Bv6vVBRFRWp6F7G2vFFR'W6W70BVWFrW7Fr7WƖW'2( Р66F֖WG&Fࠥ7F7F&ƖgG2F@( uurTDD$rTrUrBs#c2FBG&6V2vrF&V7F"FFV666C( FP&FVFFfRWFVG2&fV'FW'6vFdfW''7FW'2BFW2W"6W'f6RffW&rFWrWfV27W7FW'26r&VVfBg&FVF6FVBV"F@&fFW2&6R6WFFfRBV6g&VFǒvFWvF'FBw&wF&WG2( ХG&6V>( 26W&FvFFRdw&WFFW2g&FPV&ǒ2( 22FRfW''6( 2&W&W6VFFfRFǐ( 2Bf"FR7BBV'226VFVB66R766FvFdfW''7FW'2ǒFRFǞ( 5TG&FR6'&F"ख6WFV&W"#BFRv7F72'FW'2WFVBFV FW&F'FfƖ2''VrFV"f'7B6G&0FvWFW"VFW"FRVV''VvvR&BfVGW&RW&FB6W&6Ɩ֗FF2BFR7W'F6&ƆV@&FVBFR6W2F6W&6R&fFRFVF6FV@FW&FfRBFRFW&FfW7BW&FB&FVv07V&VB&#b66RFVv&FWw&FRFPFW&֖g&7G'V7GW&R2&VVFr6Rw6FRFPG&GV7Fb6W'f6W2ࠥuur$TU4D2#b3