Bulk Distributor Nov/Dec 16 - Page 15

November/December 2016 Industrial Packaging NBE packaging system delivers 50,000lb/h process rate T he latest state-of-the-art bulk material packaging operation from Michigan-based National Bulk Equipment (NBE) can reliably process up to 50,000lb of varied combustible materials per hour. This self-contained system uses three 1,060 cubic-foot capacity storage vessels to provide a consistent, high-volume material supply to the downstream bulk bag packaging operation; critical for ensuring efficiency in a process that incorporates material discharge from bulk bags, material introduction from belt flaker units, enclosed vertical conveying, high-capacity bulk storage, material conditioning and packaging into bulk bags. The stainless steel storage vessels are each 12ft in diameter, built to ANSI and ASME standards and internal pressure rated to 116 PSIG. Material is supplied to each vessel from a 50ft-tall bucket conveyor through a three-way flange inlet that directs material to size reduction units, then into the storage vessel. Material is discharged from each storage vessel to the bulk bag filling systems using 12” cast stainless steel rotary airlock valves rated to 150 PSIG and 400ºf material contact. Conditioned material is packaged using three bulk bag filling stations, each at a process rate of 17,000lb/h. Integrated, NTEP-certified hang-weigh scale systems mean operators can be assured that each filled bulk bag package weighs accurate to +/- .01% of total bag capacity, up to 4,500lb. The system can handle combustible materials of varied physical characteristics, including interlocking flakes and free-flowing, friable rods. System-wide process automation and controls communication are managed from the facilities supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA). Equipment-level automation and controls are centralised to a single, menu-driven, touch-screen HMI, designed and built by NBE. The company’s experience in specifying, designing, and manufacturing process systems to application-appropriate codes, standards, and regulations ensured system compliance at start-up, while rigorous NBE risk assessment procedures mean the physical ergonomics have been optimised for user and operator exposure to caustic material has been eliminated. BULKDISTRIBUTOR 15 New SCHÜTZ website S CHÜTZ’s brand-new website is now live. The site has been completely redesigned to make it faster, clearer and more user-friendly to navigate, with a more contemporary look. The updated site features a structured central section where all the important company information and news is housed, there is a new careers portal that can be searched by different criteria to help match users to their ideal positions. Product details and links to local SCHÜTZ sites are easy to find, and everything has been put in place to make ordering IBC collection online as efficient and straightforward as possible. The website has been optimised for all commonly used devices and the address remains unchanged at www.schuetz.net