Bulk Distributor Nov/Dec 16 - Page 14

14 BULKDISTRIBUTOR Industrial Packaging November/December 2016 New launches from Flexicon Portable sanitary open-chute drum tipper F lexicon, a world leader in the design and manufacture of bulk handling equipment and custom-engineered systems, continues to introduce new products into the marketplace. Recent innovations to add to the company’s extensive ranges include a sanitary drum tipper with roller conveyor, a wide-inlet bulk bag filler and a portable sanitary open-chute drum tipper. TIP-TITE Sanitary Drum Tipper The latest TIP-TITE Sanitary Drum Tipper is designed to provide dust-free transfer of bulk materials from drums to downstream equipment, and rapid sanitising between changeovers. Constructed from stainless steel and suitable for wash-down, the tipper is pneumatically powered and certified for use in areas with hazardous conditions. A hydraulic cylinder raises and seats the drum against a discharge cone, after which a second hydraulic cylinder tips the drum to an angle of 45°, 60° or 90° with a motion-dampening feature. At full rotation, the outlet of the discharge cone mates with a gasketed receiving-ring fitted to the lid of any receiving vessel, creating a dust-tight seal and allowing controlled discharge through a pneumatically actuated butterfly valve into the vessel. The hydraulic power unit enclosure, which features sight glass to check gauges and valves, is located on the frame exterior for accessibility during set-up, inspection and maintenance, and houses a pneumatic motor to drive the unit. It is equipped with a roller conveyor that can be fed by an optional or existing infeed conveyor, allowing drums to roll into place by gravity. The Flexicon range of drum tippers also includes models made from carbon steel with durable industrial finishes, or with material contact surfaces of stainless steel. Wide-Inlet Bulk Bag Filler This new launch has been created by Flexicon to handle chunks and semi-solids, allowing rapid filling and passage of large, moist or dense materials into open or duffle-top bulk bags. The unit features powered height adjustment of the cantilevered fill head to accommodate all popular bag heights, pneumatically adjustable bag hooks, a roller conveyor, automated vibratory densification/deaeration deck and load cells with automated controls. Material passes through a hopper equipped with a slide gate valve positioned above the filler, and through the filler’s inlet chute that tapers from 660 to 508mm square before discharging into an open-top bulk bag. A vibratory deaeration deck activated at timed intervals during the filling cycle densifies the bulk material, stabilising the bag. When load cells signal that the bag is approaching target weight, a controller shuts the slide gate valve, releases the bag straps and activates a powered roller conveyor to remove the filled bulk bag from the filling area. Made of carbon steel with a durable industrial finish, the system is suitable for sludge-like materials, disparate-sized scrap, mulch, stone, coal, wood pellets and other bulk material containing pieces, chunks, agglomerates or clumps too large for conventional bulk bags and fillers that are designed for a free-flowing feed. The unit is also available in stainless steel for filling of potatoes, cassavas, turnips and similarl H^Yܛ˂XY܈[][HX\H[YXY[K^X۸&\]ܝXH[X]H[H\\X]\\Z[\Y[X۝X\X\™[\Y[]\H[\[H\ Yۂ[܋ݚY[HXYX[و\\[›ۋY\H[X]\X[H[\]]ܛ۝[Z[][ۋH[HY][X[[\]\H[H0^[ۙܚ^۝[ \\[X]\X[۝HX]H[[HXZ][\[ BYKYX[Y]\[\Y\XHوH]B[۝[وH[H\\HY[BY\\و\XH^KH[]X[[]\[\و[[\^\ZY[\ [[\\B\XH[\\]Z\Y[܈[ۘ[\\]Z\Y]]]܈][X]X˜۝^Z[\[\^XHܙ]۝^[ܜ܂X[\XH۝^[ܜ˂[[Yۈ\ܜ]]ZXXX[ۈ܂X܈XH\][ۋH\\[BY\[\\H[Y]H[ [[Z[][HYY܈][\H[]˂ۋ\X۝X\X\\HۜXYق\ۈY[]\XH[\X[][˂^Xۈ[]›ٙXH[\X[B^Xۈ ]\JH\[YH]›ٙXH[\Y[\ݚYBXܞKY\X[[Y\[\X\[XX[[\\ܝ\Y\Y]\X[K'H\Y[\][ۈ[Y[^X۸&\\Yܛ[HY[ۈBݚY[HYX]Y\X[[[XYHY][X\ܜܘ]H\\\8'HZYX[Y[\X܈Z]\ۋH]ٙXH\XYY\HY[ۘ[[\“X[Y\\X[0\HܙY[X[š[YH[[[Y\[YܙYH[\X”\[XH[ YX\ق^\Y[H[\X\[\[[˜[XX[ˈ]^XۈH[H\ۜXB܈Z[[[][ۜ\][[[Y\X[Y\[\\]Z\Y[XYY\[X[]Y\][H[YX]\X[XܛH \XX]]X[ Z[\[ \X[[\[[ZX[[\Y\˂'H\Y[\ٙXH[]H[X\^X۸&\[[Y\[\\\[Y[™]Z[ۈ[ܙH[ [[][ۜق^Xۈ[[[\]Z\Y[[[[Y\Y\[\ܛYK8'HYY\ۋ