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November/December 2016 Industrial Packaging BULKDISTRIBUTOR MAUSER to Starlinger innovation on launch three display in 2016 new production A lines in France L eading global industrial packaging company MAUSER Group is further expanding its services with the installation of three new production lines in France. They will be placed at MAUSER’s established site in St Priest near Lyon, to cater to growing demand in the Rhone Valley and South of France and in keeping with the company’s aim to be closer to its customers. A production line for IBCs and a reconditioning unit will be put in by MAUSER, with its subsidiary National Container Group (NCG), in January 2017. These will be followed in the second half of the year by a production line for plastic drums (up to 220 litres filling volume). “MAUSER has a longstanding history of successful services and product offering in France and in St Priest specifically,” said José DaFonseca, who oversees sales activities in France and elsewhere in Southern Europe. “Since 1968, MAUSER’s St Priest plant has been producing steel drums for the chemical, petrochemical, agrochemical and the food industry.” MAUSER currently operates from four production locations in France, covering the entire country. Frédéric Binard, Head of Operations for Southern Europe, explained: “Our plant in Esches in the North of France is dedicated to plastic packaging and composite IBC. MAUSER’s existing plant in Creil, close to Paris, specialises in the production of large steel drums. Also in the North, our reconditioning plant in Saint Amand les Eaux (belonging to NCG) is focusing on sustainability-oriented to offer comprehensive solutions to its customers in France.” The inclusion of a reconditioning service at another multi-product plant from next year with the expansion in St Priest will allow MAUSER to provide local services for the handling of industrial packaging – from production to recollection, reuse and recycling – increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact. ustria’s Starlinger & Co has again chosen the K trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry to showcase further advances in its packaging technology. The show took place in October in Dusseldorf, with Starlinger’s presence focusing on PET treatment and the processing of recycled PET in innovative pack vr6WF2( fW"FR7BGvFV6FW27F&ƖvW"27V&VBw&V@FVbrֆr&VFrFUBrvR&R&RFG&rF2vFWr6vrƖ6F2FB&VVfBg&FPWG7FFr&W'FW2bUBB%UB( WVB6W2F&V7F W&G&v66RFR&W6VFFB#2bFRf'7Bd$2FRbPvfVUBB&6VBV'2b6WW&V6RUB&V76Ɩr7F&ƖvW"FWFR6vr2FWfVVB&&WF'FV6wf"FR&GV7FbvfVFRf'&2g&WFR%UBfW266RFR&W'FW2b%UBF6F6R`f&vFW&f'&2vfVg&%UB2W6WFǒvFV6R7G&VwF6WVBvFv7&VWGVW2B2WG&VVǐ&W67FBB&WF26R7F&ƗGfW"rW&BbFPWfVVFW"FRVffV7G2bBBFVW&GW&RW7W&R( 0GfFvW2v6RUBf'&2FRFW&b66Rf vFR&vRbWrƖ6F2fB6fRB7VF&Rf"GG&7FfRFW6v2UBf'&26VG0G6VbF6vrfB&GV7G2B67VW"vG2f"FRf'7@FRBF2V.( 2f"7F&ƖvW"6v66VBUBWBfB66( 266f"FrfBFRbR%UBfW2FR6&GF66g&FR5D"&GV7Bf֖ǒ667G0b%UBFRf'&2֖FVBvF&FVBUBfffW&rV6W76'&'&W"&W'FW2f"FR6fR6vrb6V6FfP6FVG27V62FrfB"fW'FƗ6W"6VWrvFFRf7W2UB&RFRf665D"55&V7F"BFRf664TUBƖRg&7F&ƖvW"f66FV2vFFPf665D"55&V7F"UBVWG2"fW2&RFV6F֖FVB@&VFW&VB7VF&Rf"W6RƖ6F2vFfB6F7BvP7&V6rFRG&62f666GbFRFW&f664TUBƖW00&GV6R6VWBg&WFR%UB( 2WBbfW2g&Ч&GV7Fv7FR6VWFv7FR"VFvRG&2֖W7FR7F&ƖvW.( 27F'6VVB&֖VB6PB#cFRB5D"66FR&VFW"f'7BV6VBRr6W'fW2FR'VFr6V֖6w&7VGW&Bf@&GV7BGW7G&W2vFfW"rR&Ɩ662W"V"FR&6&GFffR662FRb6FVBFRf'&2&R6fR@( 22ƖfR76RǗ622&V6VFǒ6v( 2fW'Vf&VFǐg&VFǒV2b6vrG''VƲvG27V626VVBw7VB6V֖622vV2fW"&6R"7Vv"FW"6vr&GV7B&VrfVGW&VB2FR25D"66v62vVFVBBFR&GF7FVBb6WvF2Wr&6W70W2f"7G&vW"66&GF2vV2FW&6fw2@vW"FV6RGW&r&GV7Fࠠ