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Components November/December 2016 Robotics handling takes step forward M otion control and robotics specialist Yaskawa has worked with Netherlands-based MPS Food Logistics Systems, experts in complex packaging and turnkey logistics systems, to develop an automatic robot-based palletising cell that takes robotics handling to new levels of sophistication. The food logistics system created by MPS features a Profinet interface that enables the Motoman handling robotic system from Yaskawa to be programmed and operated via a Siemens TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) portal. MPS was asked by a major meat processing company in Germany if it could deliver a robotic cell for palletising packed meats at the end of a packaging line, including the key challenge of integrating the robot in the specified PLC environment. Specifically the application required that the robot could be programmed and controlled directly via the Siemens TIA portal without having to pass through the robot controller first. MPS accepted the challenge and worked on providing a solution using the MotoLogix interface from Yaskawa. MotoLogix was developed as part of a trend in technical advances to eliminate the necessity for robot and machine controllers to be programmed, operated and serviced separately from one another. The system offers a quick and easy way for Motoman robots to be programmed and controlled via the PLC in the current IEC-61131 environment. At present, as well as Profinet, the Ethernet/IP and Powerlink platforms are also approved for Siemens environments. These robots and the associated controller can demonstrate their full range of capabilities for all types of handling, such as machine feeding, picking, packaging, placing, palletising or measuring, testing and sorting. The choice of MotoLogix means that the user only needs a knowledge of PLCs to control robots, so specialist recruitment or retraining is no longer necessary. MPS engineers chose a powerful, versatile, high-speed model from the Yaskawa MH series of robots. The Motoman MH225 covers applications weighing up to 225kg but has a very modest footprint, thanks to a compact body only 625mm wide. A newly developed vibration control system exploits the increased axial speed and inherent rigidity of the gears and enables extraordinary acceleration with short movements. The reduced cycle times increase productivity. The handling robot operates with the current Motoman DX200 generation of controllers, with an integrated safety controller making them a category 3 functional safety unit (FSU). With up to 32 definable safety zones and 16 possible tools, they facilitate smaller work areas and optimum utilisation of available production sp ace. By using the MotoLogix interface generation with its Profinet capability, MPS has enabled a Motoman MH225 palletising robot from Yaskawa to be integrated directly in a Siemens automation environment. The benefits of two high-performance systems are thus combined; the convenient programming of robots directly via the programmable logic controller (PLC) and the high level of precision offered by the DX200 robot controller. New EnviroGear G Series pumps E nviroGear Pumps, part of PSG, a global leader in internal gear pumps, has announced the release of the G Series models G1-82, G1-133 and G1-222 (3”, 4” and 6”) metal sealed internal gear pumps. Designed to cater to the most challenging transfer applications, the 3”, 4” and 6” G Series sealed internal gear pumps are available in cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel materials. Delivering flow rates up to 500gpm, these durable pumps are available with both packing and mechanical seal options and can be used for a wide range of applications. Providing a positive, non-pulsating flow, the G Series sealed internal gear pumps can operate equally in both directions, offering improved efficiency and operational flexibility. G Series pumps also have an enlarged bearing housing at the backside of the pump that allows for convenient drive-end access to the shaft seal and single-point end-clearance adjustment. In addition, they are interchangeable with up to 95% of existing internal gear pumps on the market and do not require any changes to piping, driver, coupling or baseplate. The pump casing can be easily rotated for multiple liquid porting positions, making these pumps very simple to install into existing internal gear pump applications. With extremely short product lead-times, EnviroGear also offers expert application and technical support. BULKDISTRIBUTOR 11 Mesa Engineered Tank Products finds Middle East partner M esa Engineered Tank Products, a leading manufacturer of engineered products for refineries, terminals and storage tank facilities, has agreed a partnership with Ecotech Emirates to represent its products in the UAE and Middle East. Pratish Thomas will act as an independent sales representative, based at Ecotech’s office in the UAE, with over a decade’s experience in the distribution of industrial products for various applications. David Schafer, Vice President of Sales for Ohio-based Mesa ETP, said: “We are confident that Ecotech will be a vigilant partner for Mesa ETP in the region. They have a significant understanding of the market, the industry and our products; we will work closely with Ecotech to ensure the Mesa ETP brand and engineered products have continued success.” OPW acquires Tokheim ProGauge O PW, a global leader in fluid-handling solutions, has acquired Tokheim ProGauge, allowing it to offer more complete end-to-end commercial and retail fueling solutions France-based ProGauge provides automatic tank gauge solutions, including tank probes, consoles and related software and calibration services for service stations to measure and monitor fuel tank levels. David Crouse, President of OPW, said: “The addition of ProGauge augments OPW’s product offerings with an extended family of automatic tank gauge solutions, including wireless mag probes, tank truck mag gauges, 3D laser tank calibration and fuel quality sensors. With this acquisition, we look forward to offering our customers even more options to support their commercial and retail fueling needs.” Stefano Scatena, General Manager of ProGauge, added: “ProGauge is thrilled to join the OPW team. This move will allow us to introduce our world-class products into new markets and regions as part of the overall OPW suite of fueling solutions.”