Bulk Distributor Nov/Dec 16 - Page 10

10 BULKDISTRIBUTOR Components Invisible dangers revealed by air monitoring system from KEMPER T he AirWatch system utilises KEMPER’s sensor technology to measure and analyse fine dust particles, helping to ensure a safe environment in production facilities, warehouses and logistics halls. It is able to determine and document the number of nanoparticles and compare it to limit values via smartphone, tablet or PC. A traffic light display visualises the status of air quality. “With our new air monitoring system AirWatch, we introduce for the first time a system on the market that is in a position to efficiently measure the number of fine dust particles,” emphasised Björn Kemper, KEMPER Managing Director. For this purpose, the highly sensitive sensor technology is essential as it can capture particles right up to the nano range. AirWatch continuously monitors the air quality, using a laser-powered sensor to measure fine dust particles in a radius of up to 30 metres. An integrated fan draws in ambient air. It is possible to save individual limit values for hazardous substances, with the traffic light system clearly highlighting any breach. At the same time, the system saves the data across a long time period. A trend display for day, week, month or year also allows companies to analyse concentration of specific substances in more detail. AirWatch captures particles in the range of 100 nanometres up to 16 micrometres. This area includes the fine dust categories PM2.5 for alveolar common dust (A dust) and PM10 for all inhalable dusts (E dust), as defined by the World Health Organisation. The system automatically classifies the captured particles accordingly. In addition to checking air quality, AirWatch also monitors the effectiveness of ventilation measures. Companies can independently check their compliance with regulations issued by professional associations apart from official checks made by professional associations. Bolt and Go dry bulk compressor option from Garden Denver G ardner Denver Transport Solutions France has developed its PAM (bolt and go) variant of the successful XK dry bulk compressor to enable professional installation in the greatest possible spread of circumstances. The company’s French division, based in Paris and Lyon, has continued to capture increased market share with its range of dry bulk compressors. The development of the PAM versions of the XK12 and XK18 units has been welcomed by many of the major hauliers transporting materials from cement to food stuffs and plastics. This complete package with the market-leading XK machine has been developed for customers with their own workshop and installation facilities and for fleet operators that cannot simply convey their trucks to Gardner Denver’s France installation facility in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (Lyon). The primary reason for designing this package is to allow the installer, either end-use or