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Depots May/June 2018 B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR 9 JTS sets benchmark for ME depot services J oint Tank Services FZCO (JTS) was established in 1998 in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone North. Measuring 5,000 sqm located next to the DP World Container Terminal, the facility is the first dedicated tank cleaning and service facility of its kind in the Middle East region. In 2010, management took a decision to relocate operations to a bigger site to keep pace with growing demand from the chemical industry in the region. Construction of the facility in South Zone was started in August 2011 and completed in April 2012, and operations at the new site started in May 2012. JTS is now located in Jebel Ali Free Zone (South) and offers an infrastructure support to shipping and tank container logistics providers. Today, the facility fully measures 28,000 sqm. Activities involve cleaning, repair, testing and storage of empty tank containers. Major tank operators use the services of JTS for their tanks so that they are ready for export either full or empty, depending on their requirements. JTS has also recently started carrying out testing and repair on T50 gas tanks. Among the facility’s strengths is that JTS has set a standard in the Middle East region by getting Quality, Environment and OHSAS Certification. It is also the only depot in the region that has been SQAS (tank cleaning) assessed. Cleaning, repair and testing operations are carried out by a well- trained, qualified and competent staff. Expansion JTS is now expanding its activities to promote other services that are related to liquid chemicals. This division is called JTS Chemical Logistics. All necessary approvals from the relevant authorities have been obtained and construction started in May 2018. The firm expects it to be operational by first quarter of 2019. Among the activities planned for this division are: storage of full tanks with Class 3, 4.1, 6.1, 8, 9 and non-hazardous chemicals; drumming of liquid chemicals from tank container/road tanker into IBCs/drums and interim storage; transport and local distribution of full tanks as well as IBCs/drums; and cross-stuffing of liquid chemicals from tank to tank or road tanker to tank, etc. In Oman, JTS is in the process of developing a new depot in Sohar Port Freezone on 20,000 sqm of land. The tailor-made facility will be dedicated to cleaning, storage, repairs and support services for ISO tanks in line with the growth of the country’s petrochemical industry. JTS’s service quality and attention to environment, health and safety standards have set the benchmark for the tank container industry in the region. With the new facility in Sohar, JTS plans not only to consolidate existing services to the tank container industry, but also to expand its portfolio in the future by developing business offerings directly to the chemical industry. This may include areas such as chemical drumming, warehousing and distribution as the value-added petrochemical industry grows in Sohar. Construction of the new Sohar facility is expected to start during second quarter of 2018, subject to approval from the relevant authorities in Oman, and trial operations should start during the first quarter of 2019. At the JTS premises in Dubai, Peter Hüni and JTS general manager K Pasupathy agreed on their common goal: on-site repairs of internal tank container coatings Hüni co-operation In co-operation with JTS, tank container coatings supplier Hüni+Co is expanding its services into the Middle East, offering a new ‘TC Repair Shop’ for the region. The move was taken in response to the growing demand for repair services of tank interiors. Hüni says that more and more ChemLine 784/32 or Proco-EMAIL black-coated tank containers are on the move worldwide. Approximately 2,500 tank containers coated by Hüni are estimated to be in service at present. “Most of the tank containers coated by us have been effectively in use over the past decade or more. Problems however occur particularly in service depots, during the cleaning or maintenance process,” says general manager Peter Hüni. “Our linings are highly resistant against transported chemicals, 'WB6( BvF7FBFPV667G&W72FRF2&RW6VBFvV6VVBv6WfF&ǒffV7G2FRƖrF&Vv&W"2FW2F7V6&R( ФFW6FVB4F6FW'26vrƖrFvR&PVFFVǒvFG&vg&6W'f6RB6VBfW";( 2&6Rg&VG&66fV6WFW&vW&"FRbFR6( 067&VFFVBFWG2WW&R( vRFffW"FR&W7B6W'f6RFW"v&GvFR7W7FW'2'֖֗6rVV6W76'FFvFR( W2W;v2&VVVFrFRf֖ǒ'W6W72FvWFW"vFW"fFW"66P#bख&FW"FVWBFR6ƖVG>( VVG2FRfVBbFFW& &W'2B6Fw2;撴4BE2FǒW7F&Ɨ6VBFRD0&W"6&6VBGV&( 2V&Vƒg&VRRFR&W7VB2FBE22FRV6W76'WW'F6Rf"6''rW@6FR6Fr&W'2vFFV6b66FFP6V֖6ǒ&FV7FfRBvǒ&W67FBƖw2b6VƖPsB3"B&6T&6f"6ƖVG2bE2B;FR&W"6V2FBF2vvW"fRF6VBg&6W'f6RFWG2FRvFg&VG&66fVFW6&RV6ǒ&W&VB'E2GV&&F6W2WV7BF26W&FF&VGV6RFV2wwrG2PwwrVVFPBD4U%d4U2e4&VFVfrF6Vr7FF&G2थE262B2FRǒFWBFR֖FFRV7B&VvFB2&VV52F6Vr76W76V@VFfW"WG0FvFWvPFWBW&F"VFfW"0V6VBFRff6VrbG0WFVB6FW"f6ƗGB&W'FrEv&BFvFWvVFfW"v627V'6F'bvVW6VR`w֖r2rer7F'FVBv&6R"`FR6FRFWfVVBv&VwW7B#rfvrFRVrbFRf'7B6RbFPf6ƗG#2FRWFVB6FRFG2CW&6VBWG&66GFFRVFfW"W&Fv66VFW2FVBBVG6FW 7F&vR&VVfW"BG'6FW"FV6PB&W"G&7'BB6&vFƖr( vR&RFVƖvFVBFBVFfW"2VVBG0WFVB6FW"&BBEv&BFvFWv( 6BEv&N( 2T4T6&2Wv2FRWFVB6FRFG2CW&6VBWG&66GFFRVFfW W&F( 6RGvbFRFWfVVB2FFV@FFF66GFFRfFW&F2@6W'f6W2FBVFfW"ffW'2FW"'BW6W'2@7W7FW'2BvƖvG2FR6֗FVBB0FRBFR6W&67V66W726WfVB66PVrFRf'7B6RbW&F2fV&W #2( vR&R&VBbFRW6VVB&VF6F@Ev&B2vFVFfW"&FBFvFWvBB6WFF( Wv26FVVB( F22'FB&VF6W"֗76F&V6RFRVFrV&W"bG&FRf"FRTvFFR&W7BbFRv&B( ХFRV6VBf6ƗGFvWFW"vF7&V6V@&g&VvB6W'f6W2W&FVBF&Vv67FW 6g&VvFƖW"7W'G2FR6FVV@w&wFBFvFWvv626FVB@FRWFbFR&fW"FW2B2RbFPf7FW7Bw&vr'G2FRv&BrerTWW&RvrF&V7F"FW&֖6W'f6W26&2w&V6FFVC( F0fW7FVBv2RbFRf'7BFR'repfvrFRVFfW"7V6F7@V"vƖvFrFR6֗FVBFw&wFFRT6FW"6V7F"BV7W&rFBvP6FVRF&fFR6WFFfRf'7B6706W'f6RF7W7FW'2( Х6W'f6W2FBvRffW#( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( V&W"bD4FƖrb7F&vRbVGF6FW'06Vrb6722BbBֆ&FW26&vW06VrbFff7VB6&v6VFr&W6BFW6VrbFW&VFFR'VƲ6FW'2B&BFW'0&W"bF6FW'26VFr7G'V7GW&B6V&W'07FGWF'W&F27V7Fb"RBRV &RG&7V7FBV6V607FVVFrbvf66W2&GV7G2Ff6ƗFFRF66&vPG&vVW&vrB&WFpֆ&RBfbֆ&R7W'fWfb6FRFV66767F6RBVW&vV76W'f6PF6FW"V6pG&6rB6&FF6W'f6W0Fv7F726VFrG&7'FFB6pt"6fW"6W'Ff6FVf&VBCB426W'FfV@5276W76V@f"VV'V6R6F7CBF6W'f6W2e4&sS V&Vƒg&VRR6WFGV&VFVB&"V֗&FW0FVâsBsfsBs Vâ4G2R"v֧G4G2PvV'6FSwwrG2P