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8 B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR Tank Containers Crowley puts Eagle LNG in the tank C rowley Maritime Corporation’s LNG group has successfully completed the first loading of nearly 11,000 gallons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) into an ISO tank container at the new Eagle LNG Partners liquefaction facility located near Jacksonville, Florida. Crowley loaded LNG into the tank container and delivered it over the road to the Port of Jacksonville for ocean transport to support customers in Puerto Rico. With the addition of the new plant, Crowley and Eagle LNG have expanded the supply and availability of LNG services to customers in the US, Caribbean and Latin America. “With the successful LNG tank container loading at the Maxville Facility, Crowley can offer even more flexible services and sourcing locations to supply customers with LNG as a cleaner, safer fuel source. The new plant location means LNG can be easily produced and transported to the port all within the Jacksonville area,” said Crowley’s Matt Jackson, vice president, LNG. “Not only will Crowley and Eagle LNG Partners provide a fuel source that decreases environmental impacts, Crowley can provide supply chain and engineering solutions that are resilient alternatives to traditional energy sources in Puerto Rico and other markets.” May/June 2018 RAM launches Tank Connect app R The Maxville plant has the capacity to produce up to 200,000 gallons a day of LNG The Maxville plant has the capacity to produce up to 200,000 gallons a day of LNG, which offers lower emissions than other fuels and has diverse industrial and commercial capabilities. The facility has a 1-million-gallon storage tank and a modern system to load fuel into ISO containers for truck delivery to the port quickly. After receiving the LNG, the tank containers are transported by truck and loaded onto vessels in Jacksonville. Crowley then provides ocean transport and delivers the LNG to various customers in Puerto Rico and other locations in the Caribbean. To date, Crowley has successfully transported more than 6.5 million gallons of LNG. The fi rst choice in tank container leasing with market leading services and a wide variety of equipment types including specialized ISO tank containers, small portable tanks and Chinese domestic tank containers. 您首选的罐式集装箱租赁公司,为 您提供市场领先的服务和规格最齐 全的罐式集装箱,包括专业的ISO罐 式集装箱、小容积可移动式罐箱和 中国国内完税罐箱。 Please visit Eurotainer at Transport Logistic China on May 16-18, 2018 in the Shanghai New International Expo Center, ITCO Tank Container village, Hall N2, stand number 380. To schedule a meeting at the Exhibition with Eurotainer please call: +86 21 6341 0475 亚洲物流双年展将于2018年5月 16日至18日在上海新国际博览中 心举办。Eurotainer恭候您的莅 临(ITCO罐式集装箱展区,N2展 厅,380展位)! 如您需要在展会 上安排会议,敬请致电:+86 21 6341 0475 AM Intermodal Software has launched Tank Connect a mobile app for businesses that use its Monitor4000 software. Developed in response to customer demand for increased digitisation, the secure app is available on iOS and Android platforms or as a web app on Evergreen browsers such as Edge, Chrome, and Safari. Tank Connect enables subcontractors to review key information while on the move, making real time updates possible. RAM’s customers were struggling to get quick, reliable data on loads and discharges back into the system. Faced with this challenge, RAM’s team of software developers optimised the app to provide a simple, clear interface that allows truck drivers and other supply chain profession [Y][XZ[Z[]H]]Z[›ݙ\[YYH[X\\H[ܛX][ۋSH\YY]\Y\\Hܚ[\H]H[Y[\™^XH[YۙY]\Y\^X][ۜ˂[ۛX[X\\\X\܈[[ܙ\\[Bܙ\\܈[]^K]Y]X[ܛX][ۋ[Y[BY \\H][ۈ[Y\[K[]Y][\]BH]K[YKZY[[\\]\H\[HX\[XX[[\XK\Y\\[\]H]H\XKXYX[]X[[YH\]\\H[[ۚ]܍ [H]XH\›ۛ[K[\][ۘ[YXY[K[ۛXXZ\\][]H[ܙH[XXK]ZX\[\›وH[YKZ[[]KX[X[\ˈ܈^[\K؈X[ۈ]\˜[\YH\[H\]H\X[ۜX[[[\][ۜX[H[]Hܚ[ܙHYX][K8'\š[ܙX\H[YXY[H܈\Y\[XY]ZX\X\[ۂXZ[[\\[X[[HH[K8'HZYX\][\\X܈]SK]]\HYKHX[H\]]X]\\Y]]X]Y[ ]Y[\[]X[]H\\[H\[ۈ[]ܛ\ˈ\˜][[ۈ]Z[\[Y[\YYX\]K\\X\\›X[YYYHXZ[\[H[YH\Y\\][ˈB\\\ܙ܈SHXY[\\H\Y]][X][ۈ\[H]YX[\\ܙY[X[\HܙYۂH]XH][[^\[\]\[H[ۚ]ܙYYBSH[][X][ۈ[K[[\ܝ[X[[[[Y[H[ۚ]܍ \[K'BH[ۛX[\XH[][X]\ݙ\[[ܞ\YX\HۛX[ۋ˜[Z[\[[ B˙]\Z[\B[ۛXXZ\\][]H[ܙH[XXK]ZX\[\[YKZ[[]B]\Z[\PQ LMKL˚[ B ̌ N N