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Tank Containers May/June 2018 B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR The future is Green…Chem that these two firms were not joined by others. Yet, Trifleet went from 13,520 in last year’s survey to 14,192 this year, Triton International grew from 12,250 to 13,500, Raffles Lease from 8,400 to 11,500, and TWS Tankcontainer from 7,500 to 8,000. Manufacturers In 2017, the combined number of tank containers produced by all of the world’s manufacturers totalled 48,500 units. Manufacturing is, of course, still heavily concentrated in China, and dominated by CIMC, NT Tank, Singamas and CXIC. The only other large volume manufacturer - Welfit Oddy – is based in South Africa. These top five tank builders represent 94 percent of global manufacture. However, the latest survey states that new production is scheduled to come on-stream during 2018, not only in China but also Eastern Europe. CIMC Group built 27,000 units against 22,000 in 2016, NT Tank 5,800 (5,800), Welfit Oddy 5,400 (6,300), Singamas 4,500 (3,850), and CXIC 2,800 (2,500). Global Tank Container Fleet (1 January 2018) Number of Operators Total Operator Tanks (Owned & Leased-in) 210 365,000 Number of Tank Lessors Total Lessor Tanks 36 245,000 On lease to Operators/Shippers/Others Idle (Calculated at 13%) 213,000 32,000 Shippers and Others Tanks 155,000 Estimated Manufacture 48,500 Disposals 4,500 Estimated Total 552,000 Raffles Lease fleet grew by more than 3,000 units Stolt steady S tolt Tank Containers reported first-quarter operating revenue of US$132.5 million, compared with $136.9 million in the fourth-quarter 2017. While total shipments held steady and utilisation edged upward in the quarter, freight revenue per shipment slipped by 2.6 percent due to a change in shipment mix in line with seasonal patterns. Demurrage revenue declined by 13.1 percent in the quarter, mainly due to the seasonal surge in demurrage in the prior quarter. The number of tanks in STC’s fleet increased by 3.6 percent in the first quarter, consisting of both additional leased and managed tanks. Operating income was $16.2 million, compared with $17 million in the fourth quarter. Overall results for the first quarter mainly reflected the sustained strengthening of volumes observed in 2017 and ongoing efforts to manage costs. I talian company Chemical Express has started a new co-operation with Greenchem, one of Europe’s main producers and distributors of Adblue. After a test period, GreenChem Italy and Chemical Express signed a contract for Adblue distribution in Italy. The deliveries are being made by two dedicated vehicles. Instead of road tankers, Chemical Express is using tank containers mounted on a special chassis equipped with automatic pump with independent electric generator and meter. These two vehicles can cover the north, centre and south of Italy. Chemical Express is supporting GreenChem with trained staff, technical assistance and its own facility, in order to help Greenchem to expand its activities in Italy. In other news, 2017 was a very positive year for Chemical Express, with the company posting good results compared with those of 2016. Business volume rose more than 10 percent, while the number of transport orders was up 5 percent. Best of all, the number of intermodal transports was up 9.2 percent. www.chemicalexpress.it Chemical Express is using two dedicated tank containers to deliver Adblue across Italy 5