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May/June 2018 Sector in Focus: Gas & Cryo B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR 3 New BCGA guide supports safe gas transport T ransporting compressed gases is a highly regulated part of the logistics sector, and rightly given the risk of serious incident should things go wrong. Now, the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) has produced a new guide providing comprehensive advice on the key issues surrounding vehicular transport in the industry. Guidance Note 35 ‘Vehicle Selection and Transport Management’ brings together for the first time key criteria and information of value to manufacturers, transport and freight operators alike. It includes advice on vehicle selection, the recruitment, training and assessment of personnel, as well as the relevant elements relating to a transport management system associated with Class 2 dangerous goods. A wealth of associated information, including a comprehensive listing of key contacts, agencies and organisations of relevance is also featured, signposting readers to further information in specific areas. Doug Thornton, chief executive of BCGA, said: “GN35 is a completely new guidance document, which pulls together a wealth of information in to one place. The purpose of BCGA’s Guidance Notes is to recommend good practice and give information for safe procedures in the fields of production, distribu tion and the application of gases, or for the use of gas equipment. The compressed gases sector is the UK’s ‘invisible industry’ “They take account of overarching legislation and assist in ensuring compliance through the development of controls to improve industry standards. GN35 is an important addition to the wide range of respected documents already available providing information in accordance with these objectives.” All BCGA documents are available for free download from the BCGA’s website within the publications area. Thornton added: “GN35 has been produced in accordance with BCGA’s commitment to mission safety in the compressed gases industry. The compressed gases sector is the UK’s ‘invisible industry,’ with industrial, food and medical gases playing a critical role in many aspects of life, underpinning a safe, successful and healthy nation. “BCGA’s mission is to ensure safety in the use, storage, transportation and handling of industrial, food and medical gases.” bcga.co.uk Busch to unveil new COBRA B usch Vacuum Pumps and Systems will be showcasing its latest vacuum solutions at this year’s ACHEMA. The new Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps are the focus of this year’s trade show presentation. With the ATEX T3-certified COBRA NC 0600 C screw vacuum pump, Busch will be presenting another new product, specially developed for transporting temperature- sensitive and potentially explosive gases. With the new series of Dolphin LM/LT liquid ring vacuum pumps, Busch has been able to optimise an existing product that has become an established component of many industrial processes, resulting in the development of powerful, yet energy-efficient vacuum generators. Busch will be demonstrating its liquid ring vacuum pumps from these series for the first time at its trade show booth. They are available in 13 sizes with pumping speeds of 80 to 900 cubic metres per hour. Dolphin LM are single-stage vacuum pumps for rough vacuum applications from atmospheric pressure to 130 hPa (mbar) ultimate pressure. Dolphin LT models are available in two-stage versions and cover the vacuum range from atmospheric pressure to 33 hPa (mbar). Dolphin LM/LT vacuum pumps have a modular design and integrated flow channels. This makes them extremely compact and eliminates the need for base frames. With the new COBRA NC 0600 C, Busch is offering a dry screw vacuum pump that is certified according to ATEX T3. It enables the transport of potentially explosive gases or vapours at ultimate pressures of 0.01 hPa (mbar) without the risk of contamination with operating fluids. In general, Busch COBRA screw vacuum pumps can be individually configured and perfectly adapted to the respective processes. High Performance Coatings for Lining Tank Containers • Chemical resistance to more than 5,000 chemicals including acids, alkalis, solvents, and also CPPs and edible oils. • ChemLine ® polymer coating has a high solids content (90%+) with extremely low VOCs. • ChemLine ® offers fl exibility to change cargoes after simple cleaning and decontamination, assuring cargo purity from beginning to end. For more information, contact Martin Kilroe, APC Global Tank Container Manager, martin@kilroe.com, or visit our website at www.adv-polymer.com APC works in partnership with HÜNI GmbH + Co. KG, (Germany), a high performance coating applicator for corrosion protection with more than 45 years experience in the transport sector. Advanced Polymer Coatings Avon, Ohio 44011 U.S.A. COBRA NC 0600 C dry screw vacuum pump for transporting explosive and temperature-sensitive gases +01 440-937-6218 Phone WWW.BLUEPACK.DK +01 440-937-5046 Fax www.adv-polymer.com