Bulk Distributor May/Jun 18 - Page 20

20 B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR Ports & Storage May/June 2018 Gulf Coast ethylene export plan N ova Chemicals Corporation subsidiary, Nova Chemicals Olefins LLC, and a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners, Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals, have entered into a non-binding MoU for a potential joint venture ethylene export terminal on the US Gulf Coast. The parties are seeking market commitment for an anticipated start-up of the terminal by mid-2020. The terminal is expected to have the capability to export 800 kta (1.8 billion pounds) a year of ethylene to the global market. “An ethylene export terminal builds on Nova’s leadership in the continually expanding North American ethylene industry,” explained Naushad Jamani, Nova’s senior vice president, olefins & feedstock. “Together with the 2017 acquisition of our interest in the Geismar, Louisiana Olefins facility and our recently announced proposed joint venture in Texas with Total and Borealis, this project would extend our presence in the Gulf Coast.” The project would connect the Lone Star NGL Mont Belvieu storage facility at Mont Belvieu, Texas, where the Nova Ethylene Hub operates, and the Louisiana ethylene market to the export facility via existing pipelines already approved for ethylene transport. The project would provide significant value by linking low cost Gulf Coast ethylene production to derivative plants around the world. The Nova Ethylene Hub is the primary transaction point for the purchase and sale of ethylene in the Gulf Coast region and is operated by Nova under a long-term lease from Lone Star, which is an affiliate of SPMT. The hub would provide an active ethylene source for delivery to the export facility by both physical transfer and exchange. The proposed joint venture is subject to sufficient market interest and customary conditions and approval 2FR&V7BvVB6V7BFRR7F"tB&VfWR7F&vRf6ƗGvW&RFRfWFVRV"W&FW2BFRV6WFVR&WBFFRW'@f6ƗGfW7FrVƖW0fVV@FVf"VV'G0p&fVVBG&FW"D&G26vVBpFW&6G&7BvFDRT( 2VV'G2w&W'BbFR&6W"FV2֖FB6( 2RbFRv&N( 0&vW7Bw&7VGW&&6W76'2BfBw&VFVB&fFW'2ФD&Gv'FW"vFVV'G2FFWfVG2v6vp'Bf6ƗFW2B6vf6FǒWBG2'FW&V"W&F0ƗfW'FR6G&7BvV&RD&GF66ƖFFRG2&Vv'G26W'frG2'FbVvBB66FB&WG2@6VB6VR6&VBF&VvWBb֖ƖFW2bfVVB'G2V6V"&vGv'F4TVV'G2w&W6C( W"rFW&Цw&VVVBvFD&G2vV6R&7BFW&F2v6vrBƗfW'vR&RFR&6W72bfƗ6r0f"FR7F&vRBF7G&'WFf6ƗFW2F66FFRDФ&G( 2'W6W72FV( vF7G&FVv2'B6F2FR'FbVvB@66FBvR&RVVR6FFv&vFD&G0B6FVW2G2w&wFFRTVr7&VFRVff6VB&P67BVffV7FfR7Wǒ6f"G2&GV7G2B7W7FW'2( ХFR6G&7BvFD&Gv&W6R&WfW26G&7@vF6VfWG&Ɩ֗FVBFFRG2w&'VƲW&F2WB`v6vrfvr6&VV6fR&WfWrVV'G2@6VfWG&6RFWGVw&VVVBBF&VWrFV"6G&7G0Bubv6vr&RF06FFW"&v6F6WFVBGvFFF7F&vPF2BG2&6RƖRFW&֖V"VFF&W'F&6FRGvF27&V6R7'VFR7F&vR66G'&'&V2FRf6ƗG6W'vB&&Vv6W'f6RV'vFfW"FW"F2B7F&vR66Gf"b֖Ɩ&'&V2FRFW&֖2SSBfVGW&RvFWW&vV6WFVBFRf6ƗGv&fFRFFbB֖Ɩ&'&V2`7'VFR7F&vRBv6VFR"F2bv6&RgVǐ6G&7FVBFR&Vr6F2&RF&R67G'V7FVBFPF&BBfW'FV'FW'2b#uur$TU4D