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May/June 2018 Fresh and fresher for TINE Logistics B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR N orwegian dairy producer TINE is benefiting from more cost-effective routes thanks to supply plain planning outfit Quintiq. Given the success of this project, TINE is now embarking on a second phase to improve its tactical planning and expand the solution’s scope to include operational planning. TINE is Norway’s largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products with 11,400 members (owners) and 9,000 co-operative farms. With more than 1,300 product lines produced at 31 dairies all over Norway, the dairy firm owns two central warehouses and two terminals, as well as several wholly and partly owned subsidiaries, both in Norway and abroad. Last year, TINE went live with the first phase of the Quintiq solution, designed to optimise the company’s last-mile delivery of dairy products on a tactical level. TINE’s planners used Quintiq to plan shipment routes from central distribution centres all over Norway. They were able to manage the complexity of trailer swapping, various types of resources, dynamic time windows and ferry connections, while maintaining a cold chain at all times. This first phase resulted in a significant reduction in costs, decrease in total miles driven and improvement in customer service. TINE is now entering phase two, which will be executed by Quintiq’s implementation partner, The Logic Factory. In this phase, TINE will enhance its existing tactical planning solution and expand its scope to include day-of-operations planning. This expansion will ensure better incorporation of operational orders, improved performance and greater capabilities to manage disruptions through real- time feedback and increased supply chain visibility. Quintiq’s planners enabled Norwegian dairy producer TINE to benefit from more cost-effective routes Cargill opts for Abbey drumming THE QUICKLY CLEANED AND MAINTAINED ISO TANK CONTAINER JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG. COME AND SEE! S pecialist road tanker operator Abbey Logistics has successfully started food grade drumming services for Cargill Starches and Sweeteners, a subsidiary of Cargill PLC, one of the world’s largest food and agriculture companies. Operating throughout the UK and Europe, Abbey is the UK’s largest bulk food road tanker company for liquids and powders and has a growing reputation in the plastics and polymers, minerals, animal feed and non-hazardous chemicals sectors. Abbey focuses primarily on road tanker transport, but provides additional added value services such as warehousing and tank cleaning to support customers. This latest service was developed through a working partnership with Cargill to develop a modern food grade drumming facility within its warehouse complex in North West England. As a long-term customer of Abbey Logistics, Cargill looked to the liquid food specialist to provide a solution that streamlined its glucose supply chain while ensuring strict product handling and quality standards. Under the current arrangement Abbey provides bulk road tanker transport of glucose from Cargill’s manufacturing site in Manchester which is then filled into 205 litre drums at Abbey’s facility in Cheshire. Filled drums are then bound and labelled and loaded into shipping containers for worldwide distribution. S FIND U HERE GERMANY: HUERTH. STADE. SPAIN: ZARAGOZA. UAE: DUBAI. TALKE.COM/CLEANING Abbey provides bulk tanker transport of glucose from Cargill’s manufacturing site in Manchester which is then filled into 205 litre drums at Abbey’s facility in Cheshire 17