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16 B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR Werit launches NUTRIline food grade IBC T o complement its Grade A BRC Accreditation, Werit has launched the NUTRIline IBC which is expected to be a popular choice among customers in the food industry. Manufactured from virgin, food grade polymer, the new IBC range is fitted with Werit’s piston valve which offers up to 400 percent less leakage with recurring use compared to competitive products. The optional trumpet style piston valve has 80 percent greater flow rates than the standard piston valve allowing for faster liquid extraction, especially higher viscous products. For greater food security the NUTRIline has a tamper evident tag for the piston valve cap and an aluminium seal over the valve which provides protection from outside influences. Regarding the lid, its dust cap also has a similar tamper evident tag and there is a choice of enhanced venting options for the neck opening allowing product to be discharged through the valve at similar rate to if the lid had been more and more importantly, reducing the risk of product contamination. What’s more, hygiene is optimised on all Werit IBCs including the NUTRIline due to the vertical bar construction on the cage which does not allow accumulation of moisture or dirt and therefore is far less likely to enable the build-up of bacterial deposits or the on-set of corrosion. The risk of contamination can be further reduced if a customer chooses a plastic or combi pallet base to replace the entry level wooden pallet base. “Hygiene is a very important issue for the food industry and the new NUTRIline has been developed specifically with food safety at its heart,” stated Jason Waywell, national sales manager at Werit UK. “We are convinced that many companies that are using IBCs with this demanding area are using products that simply don’t deliver the necessary reassurances this sector needs. This new product from Werit looks at the risks across all of the supply chain and encompasses features that mitigate against.” www.whywerit.co.uk Industrial Packaging Schoeller stacks them up S choeller Allibert says its Combo Fructus series represents a completely new concept in the IBC market for liquid handling. The company states that it is safe, stronger and more durable. Its double wall structure enables a 1,500 kg unit load, a stacking load of 8,000 kg (4 on 1) and dynamic load of 3,200 kg. One of the main improvements is the easy to clean design from base to lid. Combo Fructus offers improved handling and labour savings. It can be easily erected and folded by one operator, strong three skids base and anti-slip plugs reinforce safety. The range includes three heights to meet the needs of various applications: CF 280 for refrigerated sea freight; CF 300 for sea freight; CF 315 for road and rail transport. The folding ratio is up to 73 percent, seven folded Combos piled in a standard truck for reduced logistics costs and lower emissions. At the end of its long service life, the Combo Fructus can be fully recycled and raw material reused. “With our rich history of designing and developing containers for over 40 years, we listened to the market and believe we have taken care of the concerns regarding plastic returnable containers,” said Bob Albright, vice president sales & marketing for Schoeller Allibert — USA. “We simplified, strengthened and streamlined the container The Combo Fructus has a double wall structure enabling a 1,500 kg unit load and stacking load of 8,000 kg to respond to the rigorous demands. We are very enthusiastic to introduce this container as the market has been anticipating an answer to many of the questions for quite a while.” www.schoellerallibert.com NCG has acquired a 51 percent stake in Noreko AS Mauser acquisition M The NUTRIline has a tamper evident tag for the piston valve cap and an aluminium seal over the valve which provides protection from outside influences May/June 2018 auser USA has bought the manufacturing assets of MaschioPack North America of Atlanta, GA. This acquisition provides Mauser the opportunity to expand its North American intermediate bulk container (IBC) footprint, as well as supply additional manufacturing support for its reconditioning affiliate, National Container Group (NCG). 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