Bulk Distributor May/Jun 18 - Page 15

Powder Processing May/June 2018 B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR 15 Twin-Centrepost filler F lexicon has introduced a Twin-Centrepost Bulk Bag Filler with XP controls and reduced height posts for low headroom applications. It is equipped with a manual fill head height adjustment to accommodate smaller bag sizes, pneumatically retractable bag hooks, an inflatable connector to seal the bag inlet spout, and a feed chute outlet port for dust-free air displacement during filling. An explosion-proof electrical system controls the automated vibratory densification/deaeration deck which stabilises the bag for storage and shipment. The dual post frame is a patented design that maximises strength and improves accessibility to bag hooks while simplifying construction and reducing cost. It is constructed of carbon steel with durable industrial coating, with product contact surfaces of stainless steel. Also available in all-stainless construction finished to sanitary standards, it is the first bulk bag filler to receive USDA acceptance. The filler is available with a Flexicon flexible screw conveyor, Flexi- Disc tubular cable conveyor or Pneumati-Con dilute-phase pneumatic conveying system to deliver a full range of bulk materials from nearby or distant upstream sources. In another product launch Flexicon’s new Stand-alone Dust Collector removes airborne dust from upstream processes, and discharges it into containers positioned below the collection hopper, protecting operators and improving plant hygiene, while eliminating material waste. The housing is equipped with a 15mm diameter side inlet port, dual filter cartridges, a 1.5 kW fan motor, a 70 litre collection hopper with flanged slide gate valve and automated controls. Any upstream process that generates dust can be vented to the system through hard piping or a flexible connection, drawing dust onto dual filter cartridges. At timed intervals, an automatic reverse- pulse filter cleaning system releases short blasts of compressed plant air inside the filters, causing dust build-up on the outer filter surfaces to fall into the hopper. Because the filters are blasted alternately at timed intervals with adjustable force, operation of the dust collection system is both continuous and efficient. An indicator light on the control panel notifies the operator when the receiving hopper is full. The 6ƖFRvFRBFRW"WFWB6fW6( 2r&fRGv6VG&W7B'VƲ&rfW"26G&2f"FVW&FFV6&RVVBVǒvr6V7FVBFW&Fw&fGF66&vPF6FW"FR77FV( 27FW727FVVW6rB7W'B7G'V7GW&RFvWFW vFvFW"&W67FB6G&2Bv6FvGWGfF"p&B6Vr"6F6rbFRVF&RVB&WGvVV&GV7B'V2GW7B6V7F77FV2&R6ffW&VBFVw&F'VƲ&pF66&vW'2&GV6VB'FR6v6RƖRFFFǐ6VFW2'VƲ&r6FFW'2'VƲ&rfW'2fW&R67&Wp6fW'2GV'V"6&R6fW'2WVF26fWr77FV2G'V&6FW"FW'2&rGV7FF2vVv&F6r@&VFr77FV2BVvVW&VBBvFR'VƲFƖr77FV0vFWFFVB6G&2wwrfW66VfW6( 27FBRGW7B6V7F"&FV7G2W'6VBVƖ֖FW2v7FR'&Vfp&&&RGW7Bg&W7G&V&6W76W2BF66&vrBF6FW'0"TIJB5E$%UD W7B3RV'2bVvVW&rW6VV6PdRR4TTU"tT%4DS'VƲF7G&'WF.( 2vV'6FR2&VwV&ǒWFFV@vFFRFW7BWw2Ǘ62&GV7B&WfWw2W6W6fRFW'fWw2BGW7G'WfVG2vFw&vrv&G&ff2FRvV'6FR2&V6֖pV"f"FR'VƲv7F72GW7G''VƲF7G&'WF.( 2FǒVWw6WGFW"0RbFR7BvFVǒ&VBFRGW7G'f"&Rf&FrF&FRW"'&BƖR6F7C֖R&V&F֖T'VƲF7G&'WF"6ФRvƖ3T'VƲF7G&'WF"6У3SSb3RV'2bW6VV6P'VƲF7G&'WF"26GvGFW $BV'FW"fW'F62FB'VƶF7G&'WF"@#rB#3CS`