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12 B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR Components May/June 2018 Low risk, high reward Cab’s Industries has built a strong reputation as a leading outfitter of transport trucks by relying on Mouvex compressors and pumps A quick glance at the curriculum vitae of Philippe Cabrillon shows a compilation of life experiences and interests that would appear to make him a candidate to play the lead role in Dos Equis’ iconic ‘Most Interesting Man In The World’ ad campaign: the humanities, stars, jazz, photography, quantum mechanics, cars and motorcycles. But that’s not all. Since 1986, Cabrillon has been the CEO of Cab’s Industries. Based in Brie-Comte-Robert, France, about 40 km (25 miles) southeast of Paris, Cab’s Industries is an OEM for transport trucks that are used in the delivery of liquid and dry-bulk raw materials and finished food, chemical and petroleum products across the country. Cab’s Industries has built its reputation as the No. 1 OEM for transport trucks in France by making a committed investment in the success of its clients, which include many of the most well-known truck manufacturers on the continent. With that in mind, Cab’s Industries stocks all of its 12 facilities in France with equipment that has been designed to ensure safe, reliable and efficient product transfer, whether the vehicle has been on the road for a decade, or is fresh off the assembly line. Cab’s Industries also employs personnel that have been specially trained by the equipment manufacturers. Fully equipped test benches are deployed for the process of inspecting new or repaired equipment. “We know the market because we are in front of our customers,” explained Philippe Maisonneuve, Cab’s general manager and sales manager. “We hear what they tell us and work hard to meet their needs.” Make mine Mouvex Philippe Maisonneuve, general manager and sales manager for Cab’s Industries. “We use Mouvex because we know we will have no risk to our reputation by” Two of the more crucial pieces of equipment that are found on transport trucks are the pumps and compressors that are used to facilitate the critically important tasks of loading and unloading the vehicles. In this instance, Cabrillon – who is an unabashed admirer of the go-where-the-mood-takes-you stylings of freeform jazz – takes the opposite tack. In fact, he is quite rigid in his thinking: Cab’s Industries recommends, first and foremost, Mouvex pumps and compressors to its customers. Founded in 1906, Mouvex is headquartered in Auxerre, France, and is a product brand of PSG, based in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, USA. Importantly, Mouvex is a highly regarded manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, screw compressors, hydraulic coolers and vane compressors for use in the refined-fuels, oilfield, energy, food/ sanitary, military, transport and chemical-process industries. “Mouvex is our partner, and an internationally recognised company known for the quality of its equipment for more than 100 years,” said Maisonneuve. “Mouvex is a pump and compressor expert, and Cab’s is a transport expert, so that’s the reason why we are very complementary with each other. “We know Mouvex’s product range – and it’s a nice range,” Maisonneuve continued. “Mouvex has nearly all of the products we need, while some of their competitors have only bulk products, or some have only liquid pumps. Mouvex has all of the products – bulk compressors, pumps for hydrocarbons, pumps for chemicals, compressors for chemicals, hydrauli 26W'2N( 26R&vRvFfW'vB&GV7G2FW&R667BFW6v@ƖvGvVvBv6V2W26ǒvF7G&7BWW&b&VwVF0&Vv&FrG&7'B6RBvVvB( ФgV&vPFRWfW6&W76"FVFB6.( 2GW7G&W2WG27@G'V622FR##fr6G&6W&W267&Wr6&W76"FR##2&RFVWB7W7FW"FVG2&V6W6RB26F&RvFG'V6FV2B6fwW&F2B6&RVFVBFFRfV6PF&VvFRvW"FVfbDvF&"G&fR6g@&WV&VBFR6&W76"2ƖvGvVvBV7FFB2F֗VBfrFFBvW'2VFrFW2vFFPf&ƗGbfr6G&6V6B&VƖVbffR5%bFBV0F&GV6R&R667FVBfr&FW2bFR##( 2WFW& 6VG26VFrfvW2B&VƖVbffR&R7FW727FVVf FFVB&FV7Fv7B6'&6bVVFVBFR##6&PfGFVBvF6V6W"b6R277VRf"FRG&fW""07W7FW'2FW6RfVGW&W2rvFG2g&VRW&FRFR##FVf"FRG&6fW"bvFR&vRbƗVB&GV7G2FP7FW727FVVFW6v6W2FR##f&RFf"FPG&6fW"b6'&6fRƗVB6V֖62B6fVG2FR##6&V6vFR&vRbfr&FW2WF6&s2wҒ@F66&vR&W77W&W2WF"R&"3b6r( vR&R6VƖr&RB&R##2&V6W6R7W7FW'2pFR&VVfG2FB6RvF'WrF2VB( 6B6WWfR( FW6fRFR&V6W6RVFr2V6W"vFr"W&FV6RB7&R'G2F7F6FN( 2FR&V6vR&P6VƖr&RB&RbFV( ЧG&7'Bv7F26b#6v4T2D4fvPS"7FB3W"F6FW"WW'G0Eu22&RF#RV'2bWW&V6R&VFrWB7FF&BB7V6F6FW'2f"ƗVB&GV7G2FFR6V֖6BfBGW7G&W2Eu26&fFW2f&W26W2b7G&Vv27W7FW'2&VǒFRWG7FFrVƗGbG2fVWBBfVRG2fW&ƗGFW&2bfVRBFV66fVGW&W2f"&Rf&FRâGw4Gw2v&FRBvV#wwrGw2v&FPEu5s#UTsC#bFBV6Rb7FFBFV6R2 &V6FBWfWG&fRG&VƖ26W'2&P&V6VFVB7BgFV'6.( 2GW7G&W0#bB@