Bulk Distributor May/Jun 18 - Page 11

Components May/June 2018 B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR 11 Fort Vale launches new coupler F ort Vale has introduced a new API coupler to its Safeload coupler range. Named Safeload Green, it has been designed to capture diesel/gasoil product loss at truck disconnect and is available in semi-automatic 6- and 10-bar range. The decision to introduce the new coupler has been driven by fuel terminal requests to improve driver safety, for example, slipping on spilt product while loading a vehicle. The Safeload Green works by capturing any excess diesel fuel lost at disconnect. Excess fuel runs down into the ‘designed in’ cup within the API casting and is emptied when it is connected to a parking nose. It’s a simple design and easy to maintain with little to go wrong and, like all Fort Vale products, is designed to last, the manufacturer says. It is, however, important that not only is the API coupler on the loading arm performing, but that the adaptor on the truck also meets the API1004 specification and does not retain additional product on its face at disconnect. This led Fort Vale to introduce a truck adaptor measurement tool. It has been designed to check the truck adaptors meet the tolerances laid out in the API 1004 specification, ie, alignment of truck adaptor poppet and sealing face +/- 0.38mm. When used in combination, Fort Vale believes the Safeload Green and Truck Adaptor tool can offer a safer solution for the industry. www.fortvale.com Safer tanker inspection Loadtec acquired by Z Benbecula istos has improved its Tanker Inspection System (IAD-TIPZ40-B6) that enables a thorough and safe visual inspection from outside the confined space. The system uses a powerful, 40X optical zoom camera, which provides increased video detail of the interior. It allows inspectors to access hard to reach and/or hazardous areas to assess them visually for residual heel, contaminants and corrosion, as well as delamination and structural issues. The system uses a self-illuminating, 40X zoom camera positioned on the end of a telescoping pole that can rotate 360deg. Images are viewed on a 5.6ins LCD display with built-in DVR that can record video or still images for documentation. Inspection systems are modular and expandable, as needs arise. www.zistos.com U K loading arm supplier Loadtec Engineered Systems has been sold to Benbecula Group, a privately funded group of companies based in Wallsend, Newcastle Upon Tyne. The sale comprises the Loadtec group of companies: Loadtec Engineered Systems, In Control Projects and Loadtec Service. Benbecula is led by Ally MacDonald, former CEO of Wellstream International and MD o bFV6V&Ɩ62B7W'&VB6&bFV"VW&wFRfR26VV27G&VwFVrGFV>( 0'FfƖfG2Wr67FW"6W3GPvwvƖgB&FRVvVW&r6W'f6W2BDE0WF2v66W'fRFRfg6&R&R@VvVW&r6V7F'2GFV2W7F&Ɨ6VBb2v&&WWFFf"&fFr6W6fRFW6v7Wǒ6֗76rB6W'f6R6vRf"Fp&2FW"66W72Bf&WfVF77FV2ƖgB&FRv6v27V&VB'&V&V7V7F&W"#rFW6v2Vf7GW&W27V7G2&W'2B&W2WBƖgFrWVVBvR6ffW&r6FR&vvrB&Ɨ6F6W'f6W2GRvwv&vǒfVFVB3Bv07V&VB'&V&V7V7F&W"#rFP6Vf7GW&W2BFW6v2&R66W7077FV26VFrvwv2B66FFFFW'2&VF֖FVǒf"FR&RGW7G'vFSW&6VBbG2WVVB&GV6VBf"W'B&vR&'FbGRvwv( 2FW&2&P7WƖVB'G2F&BFf6DE2WF267V&VB7B#r'&V&V7VDE2v0fVFVB#RB7WƖW2V֖V@7FW727FVVFW2BWG'W62FT7W7FW"&6R2&W7VBbF2FW7B7V6F&V&V7V0F&vWFrw&wFW7FrB6VVF'&WG2FRGFV2vVVBFVv&VBv&RW6rFRw&VFW"w&W&W6W&6W2Fw&rFR'W6W72GFV2v6FVRF&fFRG2@Fr&2B6fRFW"66W7277FV2FR7F2FW"7V7F77FVw27V7F'2F66W72&BF&V6B"&FW2&V2F76W72FVf7Vǐw0`W&PpF`fB6fb0bfBFvFPE6W&W06ƖFrfPG&7'BVvVV7F2v&rR6( BFVƗfW"f"W"7W7FW'262@&Vǒv'F6R66fw2FvvF6V6fbVf"&RFV'2&6W,*2&VV'VFrV2FBv&fvW76ǒ7BWfW'6FF֗FF"2&V6&BƖRFB@vR&6BWvFGW7G'VFrRזV"7FF&Bv'&GB"זV W&f&6R77W&6Rv'&G⠥&6W72VW&w֖ƗF'b&P6fbV26( BF6FRW&f&6Rb&6W"vB&c&6W"6G7G&p6VRvV'6FRf"gVFWF06F7BW"WF&VB&6W"F7G&'WF"FFr$ĴCsb&6W"'VƲF7G&'WF"VR#rFB6VGW'fVVR5rw&B&G2ԒCS2S3U4cb#Ccccb#C3sS &6W"6У2#rr3C