Bulk Distributor May/Jun 18 - Page 10

10 B ULK D ISTRIBUTOR Depots May/June 2018 Gröninger helps keep Papenburg Polymer clean opens G Coventry washing facility P Günter Papenburg is a large German consortium of some 50 companies active mostly in construction. To support all construction activities, Papenburg acquired Keunecke Spedition in 2007. Keunecke had been active in dry bulk transport for many decades. With a head office in Ilsede, close to Hannover, the location is ideally located to serve customers throughout Germany. After many years of service, the existing cleaning facility in Ilsede needed to be modernised, and this presented an ideal moment to take a close look at the efficiency of the system as well. In co-operation with a local company, Gröninger Cleaning Systems and Papenburg designed a solution whereby a combined heat and power system is used to generate the heat to heat up the cleaning water. To make the renovation even more challenging, the system needed to be installed in an existing basement. This forced Gröninger to design a frame that included the pumps, water tank and control panels. The new facility can clean and dry silo trucks according the latest standards. Worker safety is guaranteed by the use of fall protection and a special pedal to operate the hose cleaning nozzle. The system uses the latest software to control and visualise any step in the cleaning procedure. An internet connection enables remote access for system changes and updates. This makes Papenburg ready for any future challenge. www.groninger.eu F With a local company, Gröninger and Papenburg designed a 6WFvW&V'6&VBVB@vW"77FV2W6VBFvVW&FRFRVBFVBWFP6VrvFW FvVV@6gGv&P&fRFRVff6V7Bf6&ƗGbW"FfVWBF&VGV6P67G2B7&V6R&fG0W&Fr6gGv&S76WBG&6bG&6R( "VFF2&FW'2( "F7VVFF( fVWB6G&r( "W&66Rf6W2( "6W2f6W2( f6&fB6G&( "FV6Rb&W'2( 7W7FW"bfVF"F&fg2( "TD( "vVB66W72( VV&W2b&W'G2( "F6&&B&W'FpV6r6gGv&S76WBvVVBb'VFvWFr( "v&&FW'2( &Ɩr( "6G&7BvVVB( "Ԇ&RbfbԆ&R( fW7F"&W'Fr( "vV"'F( "TD( FV6Rb&W'2( "fVWB67BvVVB( WVVB6W2( "F6&&B&W'Fp"FR6vr6V7F"ǖW"v7F72&V6VFǐVVBG2WvW7Bv6rf6ƗG6fVG'TFRS7gB6VG&RfVGW&W2ffRFr&2B&fFW0v6r7V7FB&W"6W'f6W2f"WG2@6FW'2Vf7GW&VB'ǖW"v7F722vV2F6P&GV6VB'FW"7WƖW'2FRWrv6B7W'G2FR6FVVBw&wFbFP62( VBFVB6WF&fFW.( FPVf7GW&W"rfw2WfW'7V7BbFRv7F7276PF&fFR6&VV6fR6FW"vVVB6W'f6RF7W7FW'2FR6fVG'f6ƗG6RƖRFV6V&W"#rgFW"7V66W76gVG&W&BFRVr27&VFVB#Wr'0FR&VvFR6FbFRf6ƗGFRVvƗ6֖FG2&fFW26fVVB&6RF6W'fRFRv6rVVG2bT@FW&F7W7FW'2Bv7W'BW7FrBWpǖW"v7F726ƖVG26V7F'26VFr&GV6RVBw&6W'&W'BR6W&6RFW6vVBvFfW&ƗG֖BG&2fFr&2@FW"6FW'26&Rv6VBFR6R6R@2FR6&ƗGF'V#BrWGWB66Gb3R֖ƖG&2VǒBB27W'&VFǒW&FrbW'2FǒW06GW&F&r2FVB6FVW2Fw&rFRv6ƖRfVGW&W2&Rv6Bv6v&W77W&Pv6B&6RBG'rW&F2FV7W&RvVƗG6W'f6Rv6vFW"2&WW6VBB6VVBF&VGV6PVf&VF7BB67BFFFF&fFpVFrVFvRv6r6&ƗFW2FR6F6&fFW0&WW6&R6vr7V7FB&W"BvRFRv6ƖRv27V6f6ǒFW6vVBF&6W727F2&GV7G2g&ХǖW"v7F72B6V6ǒFRFW"6FW'22vVFW"fVGW&W2bFRB6VFR6"vW"vVW&FFV&VGV6RG2VW&w&WV&VVG22vV2w&WvFW 6GW&Rg&FR&bF&fFRvFW"f"t2fW6@FW"VVG27FWfR&&VB'W6W72VBvW"f"v6r@6W'f6W26C( W"Wrv6B6fVG''VG2W 6&ƗGFFG&W72WfW'7V7Bb&WW6&R7F2WB@6FW"vVVBG26VG&6FfW&ƗGFFRVFRGW2b6FW'2B66Gf"7&V6V@F&VvWB&fFRFRv66W'f6W2VVFVB2ǖW v7F726FVW2Fw&r( ХVfVƖrFRWrF氤6V7B@G&7'@v7F26Bbf6BW2BFRD4F氥fvR"7FB3ǖW"v7F72&V6VFǒVVBG2WvW7Bv6rf6ƗG6fVG'$FW&F$ԖFW&Ff&֖FW&F6Чwwr&֖FW&F6Хuur$TU4D