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The VEKA Group in Werkendam will construct two inland waterway vessels, which will each be 17.5m wide and 110m long. The building contract for two ships, which will each be 15m by 110m, has gone to TeamCo Shipyard B. in Heusden. Ineos and Imperial are working together on planning, constructing and operating the largest butane inland waterway gas tankers ever to go into service in Europe. “We’re absolutely delighted to have been able to gain two professional and experienced Dutch shipyards as partners to construct our special vessels in the form of the VEKA Group and TeamCo,” said Hugh Carmichael, director of Ineos Trading & Shipping. “The expertise and the technical know-how at both companies will help us to complete the joint ‘mega barges’ project successfully,” added Steffen Bauer, chief operating officer of the shipping business unit at Imperial. The new vessels involve four units for transporting gases that are liquefied under pressure. The 15m wide units being built by the TeamCo Shipyard will each have six tanks with a total volume of 4,800 cbm and be able to transport up to 2,670 tonnes of butane during each journey. The tankers, which are 17.5m wide and are being built by the VEKA Group, will also have six tanks; however, the total volume will be almost 6,000 cbm. As a result, they will be able to transport 3,250 tonnes of butane. The smaller The Ineos Cologne refinery will be supplied with butane, which the Imperial Logistics gas tankers will transport from Antwerp from 2019 onwards. tankers will have two power units each with output of 800 kilowatts (kW), while the larger ones will each have three power units each rated at 700 kW. The new units, which will be equipped with bow thrusters, will meet the strict emissions regulations that will apply from 2020 onwards. They will be equipped with particulate filters and SCR catalytic converters. All the units will be reinforced with increased collision protection. The auxiliary power units have full sound insulation and therefore meet the emissions requirements for noise levels at the unloading points. The delivery time is expected to be between the autumn of 2019 and spring 2020. All four gas tankers will supply the Ineos refinery in Cologne with butane. The gas will be stored in Europe’s largest butane tank, which is currently being built at the Oiltanking Antwerp Gas Terminal (OTAGT) at the Port of Antwerp. Talke recertified for waste disposal T alke Group has been certified as a waste disposal specialist for another year. The Hürth (Germany) -based chemical logistics company has now held the licence for professional transporting of production waste continuously since the German Waste Disposal Specialist Regulation came into force in 1997. The annual monitoring audit of waste disposal specialists involved inspectors from TÜV Rheinland carrying out an assessment of the fleet, the special equipment and the storage facilities. Talke also submitted a current waste balance sheet to the inspectors. They confirmed that all the requirements pertaining to the organisation, equipment and processes, as well as the technical expertise of the employees, have been fulfilled. This means that Talke is certified for transporting all types of waste and the storage of selected types of 100 waste for another year. 95 stringent test procedure ensures complete verification of the The safety of the product chain from customer to recycler or disposal. 75 Working with a certified waste disposal specialist gives Talke customers double added value, the company says: first, they can be sure that their residues are properly disposed of via the logistics chain; second, they can in turn offer their customers the option of 25 taking back all substances delivered and used. 5 “Much of the waste so classified contains valuable raw materials that are recycled or used in another way. Since these substances are 0 often hazardous, they require professional handling,” explained Peter Viebig, director transport at Talke. “We offer our customers disposal transport to the same high quality and safety standards Bulk Distributor Advert 88x125mm April Talke tractor unit with the typical A-sign for the transport of waste (Abfall), required by German wastes and recycling management legislation and with the same transparency as when transporting finished products.” As part of the services offered, Talke mainly transports waste associated with chemical metal processing. In addition, there are products from the manufacture, preparation, sale and application of acids and basic chemicals 2vV2F7W6VBFV6VV7G&72bFW6R7V'7F6W26FfV&RWF2FB6&P&V6fW&VBvRFW'2&R&W&6W76VB"W6VB2VW&w6W&6R#rFƶRfVB&RF#2FW2bFW6P&W6GVW2F&VvWBFRvRbvW&B7&72WW&R