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May/June 2016 Tank Containers SA JV for Van Den Bosch V an den Bosch has concluded a joint venture with South African company Aspen International under which two new sites have been opened, in Cape Town and Dubai. The new company - Aspen International – will offer transport solutions to and from South Africa. The main focus is on shipping liquid bulk products (food grade and chemicals) in tank containers in cooperation with Van den Bosch DMCC in Dubai. Moreover, the business includes shipping in flexitanks, palletised dry goods in 6m and 12m general purpose containers, as well as perishable goods in reefer tanks and containers. Aspen International has built up a good reputation in the reefer market in South Africa, providing an outsourced logistics and freight forwarding. “It’s a deliberate choice to keep using the name Aspen International,” said of Van den Bosch director Peter van den Bosch. “With the new hubs in Cape Town and Dubai, we want to build on the solid base which owner Gary van Niekerk and his partners have built over the past 18 years.” For Aspen International, the joint venture offers the opportunity to expand its services into tank container transport. “The co-operation will mean a one stop shop with access to a wide range of transport solutions, all under one roof for our clients,” added van Niekerk. www.vandenbosch.com www.aspen.co.za. Austrian Army selects WEW refuelling system E xtensive testing and evaluation of the market for fuel dispensing systems by the Austrian Bundesheer has resulted in WEW’s Fuel Dispensing Rack (FDR) being selected to meet its requirement for the army’s mobile refuelling units. WEW will provide 20 units over the next 12 months in two batches following the award of this multi-million euro contract, which was subject to a tough competitive tendering process. The Austrian Bundesheer will be using the units, also called Containertankanlage 10m³ (CTA 10m³), to transport, store and dispense both diesel and kerosene. As part of the contract WEW designed not only the tank, fitted inside an ISO frame, but also the fuel pumping system, which gives the Austrian’s a complete ‘drop & go’ solution. “The contract is a confirmation of our engineering skills and ability to provide our customers with a solution which matches their needs for a deployable refuelling system,” said Dr Ulrich Bernhardt, chief executive of WEW GmbH He added: “The evaluation carried out by the Austrian Bundesheer was very extensive so it is extremely pleasing that our systems came through the process so well and that we have won the contract based on the merit of our solution.” During of the evaluation the Austrian authorities assessed how the units would fit into the country’s equipment inventory and the effectiveness of the hookarm loading system. The 10,000 litre, 20 ft long units are fitted with an integral pumping system, which enables them to dispense fuel within minutes of arrival. The FDRs are designed to be intermodal and are able to be deployed using the DROPS (Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System) or EPLS (enhanced pallet load system), which makes them highly flexible, they can also be transported by road, rail or if required by sea as they are fitted with all the standard ISO locking features. WEW has supplied FDRs to a number of NATO countries most notably the German Bundeswehr, which has been a lead customer for many of the company’s solutions, and the UK’s armed forces which bought units for deployment to Afghanistan. Earlier this year, WEW provided the Lower Austria Fire Services with a joint aviation fuel and land vehicle fuelling system. The Bundesheer also uses WEW water dispensing racks, which it bought from the German Bundeswehr which at the time had surplus stock. www.wew.de The Austrian Bundesheer will take 20 WEW Fuel Dispensing Rack over the next 12 months BULKDISTRIBUTOR 9