Bulk Distributor May/Jun 16 - Page 7

May/June 2016 Tank Cleaning BULKDISTRIBUTOR 7 Gröninger stays the course and sees growth in Asia “I n it for the long haul” was the commitment that Gröninger Cleaning Systems of Rotterdam, the Netherlands made when it commenced operations in Singapore in May 2011. Under the management of Lindsey Wallace as director of Asian operations - a long time specialist in establishing businesses for European companies in the region – he outlined the investment in time and money required if the group’s expansion strategy was to be successful. With the Gröninger name and product range not really known outside the European Union, it was never going to be easy. India, South East Asia and China were all such different markets and apart from language and cultural issues there were no associations or industry groups that act as a starting point for any promotional activities. With more than half the world’s population in the target market the region had fewer than 100 depots serving the tank container, road tanker and rail car market compared with more than 600 in the greater European Union. The company undertook a programme of visits to as many depots as possible in the region providing free audits where practical – which enabled an understanding of the industry to be developed while helping to create brand awareness and recognition of Gröninger’s systems and penetration in the EU market. Project references are critical to any Asian decision making and particularly those in their region, which was an immediate stumbling block to the company, but important to building the Gröninger name in the region. The company made it a policy to attend every logistics related exhibition in the region, joined @tco and provided speakers to any forums where they were invited. With self-contained cleaning units beginning to be sold late 2012 early 2013 the Gröninger name started to gain recognition. However, the regional tank cleaning depots used a different cleaning regime to Europe. Solvents were predominately used for cleaning instead of steam and water based chemicals. Saigon New Port expanded its tank container cleaning capabilities in Vietnam by opening a new facility in Haiphong EFTCO and the European Cleaning Document were not available in the region and without exception no cleaning standards existed anywhere. Consequently, the investment in technology to clean the ‘European way’ was virtually nonexistent and cheap manual labour replaced any significant investment in cleaning equipment technology. However, as time progressed @tco was established and apart from twice yearly meetings, bringing together for the first time the regional cleaning stations, a depot audit scheme was commenced to try and bring some guidance to an industry that was crying out for some form of cleaning standards. With growth in the tank container market and the surge in road tanker units – which virtually had no cleaning stations anywhere to service them – Gröninger began inviting, as part of its marketing strategy, personnel from the larger regional depots to Rotterdam to experience the type of business model that was successful in Europe. In conjunction with multinational chemical companies’ adoption of the Responsible Care (RC) programme, questions began to be asked. For example, “Should the practice continue where difficult to clean cargo residues are shipped off to the Asia region for cleaning with ‘less safe’ chemicals and labour practices?” Or, “Should chemical and food manufacturers expect to fRFR6R'GVGFfRFV F26VVBFFR6R7FF&BvWFW"FP6F2W7F&GFW&FV&6v&R"6v( ФWfF&ǒFR&7FfR6VrFWG2BF氦W&F'26rFRFVFBFR7FF`w,;fvW"WVVBFR&Vv&VvFFW&Ɨ6R6vWw'B6'&F&6VB6֖6GfWF&V6RFRf'7B66WFV7B6FW&66RgVw,;fvW"FW@6Vr77FV6WFRvFv7FRvFW G&VFVBf6ƗFW2G&rv26'&VBWB&GFW&FBw,;fvW.( 2VBff6RB66FRFR6B'BFWB6FखFFFFVB'w&vr&W6V6RWG6FPbFRWW&VBGW7G'VFW'2g&ФWW&R&Vv6VVrF&V6R'BbFPv7F726W'f6R6FR֖FFRV7B2F&V7B&W7VBw,;fvW"WVVBfVBG2vFfW"6F2Fv7G&Vg&FR6F&&V7B6VF&&FvWFW"vF77FV2FRV֗&FW2FRW6g&FRvW7BFv&G26v2VFW'vFRVBb#RBV&ǒ#b6r6vWr'BWBBF6FW"6Vp6&ƗFW2fWF'VrWrf6ƗGआrFR'B6GbFFV6V6B77FVv26֗76VB6BSFFR6WFBFRf'v&BF涖pfWFW6R6v2&Vǒr&FR6WFV7B6&WB&F77FV2vআBv7FRvFW"G&VFVBf6ƗFW2B6vRbueBGW7G&W26Vr6V֖62FF6RFRvFW"&vRb6&vW2FBvW&RpVBF&R6VVBvFW&F&W6V6RGv6RFFP7B"F2B&VwV"f6G2F6w,;fvW"26VBf"FFFw&wFFP&VvFRWBGvV'277FV27Wǒ6G&7G2&RFRVƖRf 7FF6vV&B6v&RvFvVG2F7G&'WF'2FB6VFW"FRF&V7FbFR6ff6R6v&RFR627FVBFRF7F6R'WB2BvƖrF&W7BG2W&V2B0&VG6'&FrWr6VrFV6wFG277FVFW6v2vFFR&BFW"B&6"6Vp'GVFW2VFVBFR&VvBFPw&vrW6RbF6FW'26''rƗV@fB&GV7G2FRVVG2bVFF6V֖6BfBVf7GW&W'2&RƖVǒF&RWBfW FR6֖rV'26V7FvF6fW 6Vr&7F6W2B76&ǒWfVFRWfWFb66Vr7FF&Bf"6wwrw&vW&66Р