Bulk Distributor May/Jun 16 - Page 6

6 BULKDISTRIBUTOR China May/June 2016 Growth for TC Village at transport logistic China A total of 28 ITCO Members will be presenting the latest technology and services at this year’s Tank Container Village in Shanghai, organised as part of the transport logistic China 2016 trade show. ITCO says this year’s Village will be the largest that it has organised at the Shanghai event. The 28 members exhibiting represents an increase of 20 percent on 2014. The exhibition takes place from 1416 June at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. “I’m very pleased to see how the Tank Container Village has developed at the transport logistic China trade show,” said ITCO president Heike Clausen. “The increased attention on tank containers as a safe and efficient intermodal transport alternative for bulk liquids, gases and powders is driving more and more exhibitors to participate in our exhibition. We expect a many visitors to come to the Tank Container Village and discuss their transport needs with our members.” A wide range of equipment and services will be displayed in the Village, with many of the world’s largest tank container operators, leasing companies, manufacturers and component suppliers participating in the exhibition. In addition, there will be tank container surveyors and inspection companies, together with a number of leading cleaning and repair facilities. Safety remains the top priority for ITCO members, while there is also much focus on technical innovation and improved operational efficiency. ITCO will use the Village to update visitors on a number of projects on which it is currently working. One of these will be the publication of the 2016 ITCO Global Tank Container Survey, giving details of the size, ownership and growth of the world’s tank container fleet. There will also be information about the ITCO’s Corporate Responsibility Guidelines, published in January. Later this year, ITCO will be launching its online Tank Container E-Learning Course, providing online information for those who need to know more about the industry. Exhibiting companies within include: Tank Container Operators Bertschi Global, Den Hartogh Global, Hoyer, Infotech-Baltika M, M&S Logistics, VTG Tanktainer Leasing companies Eurotainer Asia-Pacific, Raffles Lease, TWS Tankcontainer-leasing Manufacturers and related equipment CXIC, Crane Composites, Fort Vale Engineering, GasCon Ado Southey Holding, Girard Equipment, Grande-Tek Flow Control, Groninger Asia, Jiangxi Oxygen Plant, MCC TianGong Equipment, Nantong CIMC Tank Equipment, Nantong Tank Container, Pelican Worldwide, Shanghai Pacific International Container, Yuyao Sunpass International Services and inspection Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Eltherm, NTC Tankcontainer Services Botlek, RAM Intermodal Software ITCO s 2F2V.( 2fvRv&RFR&vW7BFBB2&v6VBBFR6vWfV@vFG2WFVB&VFW&Rv&RVGb'GVFW2f 7W7FW'2BW&F'2FVWB( 2VFW"BFRW&F7FG2 FR6VG&&"BVWFrVvRFRD4( vV6RF6v( &V6WF2&Vr&v6VBBFRVBbFRf'7BF`FRW&FGVW6FBVRf6F'2FG&7'Bv7F26#bvfBFRF氤6FW"fvRS"bFRW&F7FB36VPf'wwrF6&pEu22fVWBbfW"b&VFVG0D4F6FW"BG&7'Bv7F26#`vR&R6֗GFV@FW"7V66W72FRFW&Fv7F726U"2v&GvFR&WBVFW"frƗVG2'&B&B6VvW&WfW"FWvU"vvW@6V֖62fG7GVfg2v2B֖W&FFV FW7FF26fVǒBVff6VFǒF6FW'2&BFW'2fWF2B$72U"60VW&W2v7F72f6ƗFW2vFFWG26Vp7FF2Bv&62&RFR&W&W6VFFfRff6W2F&VvWBFRv&BV7W&R&VƖ&PB6FG&7'B&6W72ࠥf6BW2BG&7'Bv7F2#`6vS"7FB3wwrW"w&W6УR#eVvR'VƲF7G&'WF"s#UBFB2RbS#@6vFV'W@f"Eu0RbFR6W2W&Frf"FRf'7BFR@G&7'Bv7F262vW&&6VBEu0F6FW"V6rFR6( 2fVWBbfW"b&VFVG22RbFR&vW7@bG2Bf"ƗVB&GV7G27FF&BF6FW'2B7v&FW2&Rf&Rf"FR6V֖6BfB6V7F"'WB67V6W'6RF6FW'2vFG27FFRbFR'BfVWBBfFfR6WF2Eu262@ffW'2F6FW'2f"&WV&VBW'6RFV`WW&V6VB7Ffb2f&RFFRVWBVVG2b7W7FW'226Eu26WG2G6VbFRvW7BVƗG7FF&G2B067FFǒ&frFVG2f7W2ƖW26V"7W7FW &VFF67BVff6VBW&F2B&FV7FrV&Vw0BFRVf&VB6W'f6W26VFR6VG&6&FF@F&rbFRWVVB2vV2FfGV7W7FW 7W'B6&7FR6VvVW&vW"bEu>( 26vff6Rv&PFR7FBBFRD4F6FW"fvRFvV6Rf6F'2wwrGw2v&FP