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May/June 2016 Terminals & Storage BULKDISTRIBUTOR 27 Antwerp wants to feel the chemistry B elgium’s Port of Antwerp is home to the largest and most varied integrated maritime chemical cluster in Europe. That much most people already know. Now the port has launched a new international campaign. ‘Feel the Chemistry’ is designed to showcase the logistics, storage and transhipment functions of the port and to attract further investment in the cluster. Antwerp Port Authority hopes the campaign will set the port even more firmly on the world map as a prime investment location, where the chemistry between city, people and companies can be felt strongly, thanks to its logistical, maritime and industrial platform developed over the past few decades. The list of chemical production and tank storage companies with recent big investments in Antwerp is impressive, including Air Liquide, BASF, ExxonMobil, Nippon Shokubai, Total, ADPO, Vopak and Oiltanking Stolthaven. The Energy & Chemicals unit of Antwerp Port Authority carried out a survey of 40 producer and tank storage companies in the cluster between September 2015 and January 2016, in order to gain fresh insights into why companies continue to invest in the port. In this the authority is looking to strengthen further its competitiveness. On the plus side the availability of raw materials, a highly efficient logistics platform, high productivity and multilingual capability of Antwerp employees, and trimodal connections with the hinterland were all cited as significant advantages for the port. Companies surveyed also spoke highly of Antwerp because of its competitive peripheral conditions. For example, practical measures have recently been taken to overcome cost disadvantages in terms of electricity prices, although there is still a gap to be made up with neighbouring countries. The cluster itself still has plenty of scope for development, according to the companies. Many synergies have already been achieved, but there are lots more opportunities for further cluster integration and collaboration between all concerned. Possible examples are further reprocessing of by-products, or setting up shared services for companies in the cluster. Advertisers Index Advanced Polymer Coatings 3 Blackmer 23 Bluepack 8, 12, 21, 27 Boasso America 18 CIMC 8 Crane Composites 5 FECC 22 Feldbinder 19 Fort Vale 14 Gardner Denver 5 Grande-Tek Flow 15 Groeninger 11 Hoyer 6 ITCO 28 Jianxi Oxygen Plant 7 JSC Infotech Baltika 17 Mouvex 24 Multitank 11 Newson Gale Front Cover NNZ 21 NTtank 9 OPW 20 Pelican 13 Port of Antwerp 2 PPMA 16 Progressive Engineering 15 RAM 12 Swift Engineering 26 TWS 8 VTG 10 For information on advertising contact us on: +44 (0)1565 653283 MSC notified the authority at the end of 2013 of its desire to move its freight handling from the Delwaide dock on the right bank of the River Scheldt to the Deurganck dock on the left bank. The port authority acceded to the MSC request in mid-2014, and a few weeks later an RfP was issued for the ‘Delwaide Dock South & North-East’ zone. Antwerp received 10 or so project proposals for the zone at the beginning of 2015. In view of the potential value of a waste-to-chemicals project submitted by Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) the port authority decided to negotiate further with ERS with a view to signing a concession agreement. During the negotiations various alternative locations for the project were also discussed. Katoennatie plastics silos in Antwerp So Antwerp’s ‘report card’ is positive overall. However, the port authority recognises there still some points for attention that need to be addressed in order to boost the competitiveness of the companies and to improve Antwerp’s position as an investment location. Together with essenscia (Flemish chemical industry federation) and the Flemish Agency for International Enterprise, the port authority will draw up a list of priorities based on the survey results. One site in the port that remains untapped is the Churchill Industrial Zone. In April, Antwerp Port Authority issued a new Request for Proposals (RfP) to develop the zone. A previous RfP for the site at the beginning of 2015 yielded no concrete result despite having been extended for an additional period, the port authority said. So the entire site remains available for industrial projects. The port authority board decided to issue a new RfP aimed specifically at ‘circular economy’ projects. A similar RfP was also issued on 12 April for remaining parts of the Delwaide Development Zone which became available as a result of MSC shipping company moving its operations to a different part of the port. Events Fecc Annual Congress 6-8 June 2016 Istanbul, Turkey www.fecc.org Transport Logistic China 2016 14-16 June 2016 Shanghai, China www.transportlogistic-china.com FachPack 27-29 September 2016 Nuremburg, Germany www.fachpack.de PPMA FF6p#r#6WFV&W"#`&&vTwwrFF6r6VfW'fWrb&V6VBfW7FVG2GvW''@627FW0Fvg&FW FW&֖0gFW"&RF3V'2b6W'f6R&6&B6227FWVBFvg&2&R2WV7WFfR6&bFW"FW&֖2627F'FVBvF67F&vR2f6RF&V7F"&b&Vf&P&w&W76rF6VbWV7WFfRg&#bF#BआR6VFVC( ėB2v2&VVV7W&Rv&rFR'VƲƗVB7F&vPGW7G'FVƖvFVBFR&w&W726WfVBvFFW"FW&֖2g&G0&Vvw22TFW&֖W&F"F&V6֖rRbFR&vW7BFW&֖WGv&2WW&RvF7V'6F&W2vW&FV&7vVFVB&VBv64T'Gǖ2B2WV7WFfRFVBv&f&6RWfW'7V66W72f"FPgWGW&R( ФFFFFG2W&F2FRTBvW7FW&WW&RFW"FW&֖22FP&vW7BFWVFVB'VƲƗVB7F&vR&fFW"66FfࠣSFU4VVWFpB7F&W"#`'VFW7BVv'wwrW6WPT5DVVWFpfV&W"#`L;76VF&bvW&琧wwrV7F6ФV&vPBrfV&W"#`&2g&6PwwrG66ФFW&FWW&PRrfV&W"#`&GFW&FЧwwrFW&FWfVG26Р&6&B60V&Ɨ6VBbFW2V"&W&GV7FvR"'BvFWBw&GFVW&֗7627G&7Fǒ&&FVB54Cc"s3uur$TU4D