Bulk Distributor May/Jun 16 - Page 25

May/June 2016 Logistics BULKDISTRIBUTOR 25 Singing in the rain Liquid handling solutions specialist Rain for Rent has partnered with Telogis to enhance fleet security and support business growth F ounded in 1934, Rain for Rent offers temporary liquid handling solutions across 65 locations worldwide. Specialising in a range of maintenance projects - from flood relief to construction site dewatering - the company is known for its quality of products, customer care and engineering expertise. Its fleet of mobile storage tanks, for example, is used for short and long term storage of water, wastewater and contaminated liquids across many industry sectors. The firm’s UK team works alongside a dedicated supply chain to meet the needs of a diverse customer base across a range of sectors, from government to oil and gas, mining and manufacturing. Rain for Rent International UK has implemented Telogis Fleet to enable the company to monitor more accurately its liquid handling assets across various locations, and give senior management enhanced insight into their movements remotely, in the office and through mobile and desktop devices. Dramatically reducing time needed to travel to dispersed sites for manual inspections, this also helps the team more accurately monitor customer use of assets while protecting against security breaches and theft. Connecting and protecting Rain for Rent International UK has over 100 assets currently in its portfolio, and at a cost of £80,000 per unit, any instances of theft or movement has serious ramifications on profitability and revenue. Tom Finnegan, Rain for Rent’s UK business manager, says the company is a dynamic and trusted brand, recognised in the industry for the 70,000 litre tanks sitting on RFRI’s easy to install spill guards resilience and durability of its products. “For this very reason, we need to be able to protect against any instances of theft,” he says. “Our units can measure 12m long and contain up to 70 cbm (70,000 litres), meaning they’re extremely expensive to manufacture and repair. Once the assets are in position, they can hold tons of material which may also be perilous to the local environment if unlawfully moved. We wanted to become even more proactive in quashing any risk before it arose.” The team also wanted to get a better grip on rental usage, ensuring the containers were used for the purposes requested and the duration stipulated. To manage these business demands, Rain for Rent International UK decided it needed to deploy a solution that would seamlessly link its assets and mobile workforce, and turned to Telogis, which specialises in data and connected location intelligence. Finnegan adds: “We had no existing software in place, and once the decision to invest in tracking tools had been made, we quickly came to the decision that Telogis best suited our needs. “Telogis has an excellent reputation in the market and our US team had a very successful experience with it previously. That made it a natural choice for us. “Through the use of Telogis Fleet, we can now monitor every asset through the online system, remotely or though the iOS or Android compatible mobile app. It gives a remarkably detailed level of insight, including the ability to report on start and stop times for more accurate billing. The user interface is incredibly easy to operate; we were up and running in a matter of days.” Having grown a loyal and dependable customer base over the years maintaining high customer satisfaction levels is crucial for Rain for Rent, says Finnegan. “We wanted to enhance our existing relationships through tracking of our rental products through software, connecting all parties on the location of a unit and ensuring transparency on the duration of a contract. With Telogis, we receive alerts when an asset moves outside of a virtual boundary. Before, it could have taken days before we became aware - or it might even have gone unnoticed altogether, which would have obviously impacted heavily on our bottom line.” Asset management From Scotland to Cornwall, Rain for Rent International UK has over 15 storag R6F2FW6RG2f&W276WG2BW&vVFǒVVFVBF&P&RFF"FW6R&GV7G2&R&V66Vǒ@&VFRF&VvR6VG&ǒ6G&V@77FV&WfW6ǒFRVF&R7V7FBVFFp&6W72BF&RFRW'6vFFR&W7VG0VFW&VB'B( f"6V7W&GB6Ɩ6RW'6W2v^( &P&WV&VBF6GV7BfVF'VFBWfW'V'FW"( fVv6FVW2( F6V6V6@WfW'VB66ǒ6VBV6ǒFRfW"vVVF6WFRf"RW'6vRW&vVFǒVVFV@FWFFRW"W&F&6W76W2BFW6WFv6vVB&VGV6RF2FRvrW0Ff7W26W'frW"7W7FW'2BRW ffW&rfFfR( F&VvFRW6RbFVv2v^( fRW6VVFV@FW6R&V7FfW2BrfR7'7F6V f6&ƗGvW&RW"WVVB2B琧FRGFW"r&VFRFR6FW VFFr&6W722&VVG&F6ǐ&VGV6VBFW7BRW"6WfVBF&VvFRGVFfRWFFVBgV7FƗGbFVv0fVWBF27'V6ǒw2W2Ff7W2W GFVFG&fr'W6W72fF@$( Р6WFFfRVFvPFFFF6FF&rFRFVv0v&RbFRvFW"GfFvW2v66VB&P6WfVBF&VvF2GRb6WF7V606V6&rf"FvW&W6ǒvWfV2b6W0ƗVG2&Vr7F&VB&WfVFr6F֖F fW&fw2v66VBfR&gVVffV7BFRVFFRVf&VBFRFVB&FW2rFW&FW&Fw&wF7G&FVw6RrFWBgW'FW"7&72FRTBWW&R6VFrFRWFW&G2@vW&Brf&R6WfW&FW6@VG2f"F6RFW'&F&W2fW"FRf'F6֖pV'2vF6WfW&VG&VBVG2&FW"BG&7&726VG&WW&R&f"&VB26VBF6WfRG2&FW2w&wFF&vWG2B2FfBFVv2&6VBFV6wFFW6RFFFVG2fVv66VFW3( F22W6FrFR`G&6Ff"W2BvRf'v&BFWFVFrW"'FW'6vFFVv2FFP&VVfBbW"7W7FW'2BV677FV`'FW'2v^( fR&VG6VV&V&&RFP6fw266RfGFrFRF2v6G&6FW2F&R'W6W72W'2f&RFf7W27G&FVwB&fVVBb6W'f6W2V&ƖrW2FVW@W"'W6W72&V7FfW2rBFRVFFPgWGW&R( Чwwr&f'&VB6VwwrFVv26V&f"&VBvFVBFvWB&WGFW"vW&RBf"rrG276WG2vW&R&VrFWV@