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FIBCs & Bagging May/June 2016 BULKDISTRIBUTOR 23 Powtech powers on A fter three eventful days, Powtech 2016 drew to a close on 21 April. Around 16,000 trade visitors from the global process and bulk solids community, roughly 7 percent more than at the previous event, flocked to Nuremberg Messe. A total of 891 exhibitors from 31 countries showcased innovations for entirely new and more efficient production processes. A supporting programme explored the challenges faced by these sectors. The concurrent scientific congress Partec also ended on a high note, having welcomed around 500 congress delegates to discuss fundamental issues and topics of future relevance to particle research. This year, Powtech launched a new hall layout that was well received by visitors and exhibiting companies alike. The exhibitors covered a total area of 27,711 sqm (up from 27,477 sqm in 2014) and featured an international contingent of 36 percent (32 percent in 2014). Most of the international exhibitors came from Italy, followed by Switzerland, the UK and the Netherlands. The next Powtech will open its doors in Nuremberg from 26 to 28 September 2017. Technology awards Three companies already had something to celebrate on the first day of the show. Tedima GmbH, Hecht Technologie GmbH and Vega Grieshaber KG were all recipients of an accolade at the Powtech Awards. The Technology Award in the category Processing Equipment and Components went to Tedima for its 3D seal. In the Pharma/Food category, Hecht won an award for its CFE-L containment drum discharge station, while Vega Grieshaber was a winner with its Vegaplus 64 radar pulse liquid sensor in the category C&I Technology/Particle Characterisation. A jury of experts had previously screened the many submissions before deciding on the winners. Pharma chain The TechnoPharm fair, which had previously been hosted in parallel, was incorporated completely into Powtech this year. The newly created forum ‘Pharma.Manufacturing. n I e r e o ati v no Excellence’ in Hall 3A proved to be a meeting point and new home for the pharmaceutical community at the trade fair. Visitors from the pharma and cosmetics sectors found products and solutions for their businesses at more than half of all stands. Think tank The international particle technology congress Partec took place at the same time. Around 500 scientists, R&D directors and particle experts came together to discuss new trends in the processing of small and ultra-small particles at the highest professional level. In tune with the congress theme ‘Industry meets Science’, they endeavoured to bring together academic knowledge a B&7F66VvW2vFfWrF6&&FpFWfVrWr6WF2FR&RF#C&W6VFF0BF67W7622vV27FW"W&FFRfW"ffW&V@VGb'GVFW2f"vVFvR6&rGW&rFR'FV2Vr6W&VFRdD766F`&6W72B6V֖6VvVW&rdDud2v&FVBFP(*2g&VG&6;fffW"&Rf"Vr66VF7G2FG"ԖrF&26VvWG2FR66VF7BBFRFW'FVBb'F6PFV6wBg&VG&6WFW"VfW'6GW&vVW&V&W&p&V6VfVBFRv&BFW"Ɩf"W"v&66R'F6W2FRW6VV6Rv&BV672b'F7VFR6ƖG2g&FPWW&VfVFW&Fb6V֖6VvVW&rTd4RvVBF6&7FW"W72g&FRVfW'6GbVF'W&v'FV2#bB&VV6&VB'&fW76"W&'66F&V7F"bFR7FGWFRf"V66&6W72VvVW&r@V672BFR&7'VR7FGWFRbFV6wBPFVBfW"FR'FV2&FF&fW76"7FVfV&6F&V7F"bFR7FGWFRb6ƖG2&6W72VvVW&rB'F6PFV6wBFRFV66VfW'6Gb'W&rV&6v6"FRWB'FV26w&W72#FR6w&W72FW26PWfW'F&VRV'2FR7&r&VFwFV6FRWBwFV6v&BWfVG2Fr6R#b&SvFW"b'VƲ6ƖG2F2R7F&W"V&F"6#7F&W"6v6wwrwFV6FP0pfࠥv( 66R7FF&Fr&6W,*v^( fRFV7&V6VBFV6R67G2v6vW2F&V7FǒFv&BW"&GFƖR6&VBFFR6WFF&6W vfW2W2FR&VƖ&ƗGBFWVF&ƗGvRVVB( Ю( 2FVR'V&BvW"bFW&֖2b67G'V7F6ƦWBbW&60( "&6W"V2ffW"vW"FV6R67G2BG&V&Rg&VRW&F( "6VbFW7Fr6ƖFrfRV2&RVW&wVff6VB'FW6v( "VgGWGFW6vb6VG&gVvV2&fW2&VƖ&ƗGf"&Rf&FV6Rf6C6wV26&Ccf b$Ĵ3B&6W"'VƲF7G&'WF"VR#bFB&6W72VW&w֖ƗF'b&P6VGW'fVVR5pw&B&G2ԒCS2S3U4cb#Cc&6W"6Р2#bC"Р