Bulk Distributor May/Jun 16 - Page 21

FIBCs & Bagging May/June 2016 BULKDISTRIBUTOR 21 Flexicon goes low-profile A spate of innovations has recently been introduced by Flexicon. A new series of Bulk-Out half-frame bulk bag dischargers features low-cost frames of variable heights and offsets to fit restricted areas previously used for dumping smaller containers, such as sacks, pails, drums, boxes and bins. The low profile dischargers are engineered to straddle downstream blenders, feeders, tanks or other equipment in areas with limited headroom, restricted floor space and/or obstacles that would preclude the use of conventional discharger frames. Lacking an upper frame, the discharger provides overhead space for suspending bulk bags using a forklift or plant hoist. It can also be configured to support new or existing bulk bag lifting frames that can be connected to bags at floor level and then forklifted onto the half frame within centimetres of the ceiling. The bag-to-discharger interface consists of a Spout-Lock clamp ring positioned atop a pneumatically-actuated telescoping tube, allowing dust-tight connections. The ‘Tele-Tube’ raises the clamp ring assembly that seals the clean side of the bag spout to the clean side of the telescoping tube, and applies constant downward tension to the bag as it empties and elongates, promoting complete evacuation. A dust-tight seal between bag spout and clamp ring allows fully open discharge from bag spouts of all popular diameters, eliminating the need for iris valves commonly employed to lessen escaping dust inherent with bag spouts hanging loosely within intake chutes. The discharger is also equipped with Flow-Flexer bag activators that raise and lower opposite bottom edges of the bag at timed intervals, loosening compacted materials and promoting material flow through the bag discharge spout. As the bag lightens, the stroke of the bag activators increases, raising the bag into a steep ‘V’ shape, and so eliminating dead spots for total evacuation of material with no manual intervention. Product contact surfaces are of stainless steel, with frame construction of carbon steel, or stainless steel finished to industrial, food, dairy or pharmaceutical standards. Full-frame dischargers offered by Flexicon include BFF models with a lifting frame for forklift loading of bulk bags, and BFC models with a cantilevered I-beam and electric hoist and trolley for positioning of bags