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4 BULKDISTRIBUTOR Asset Management March/April 2016 Asset tracking - all in a day’s work In the Internet of Things, those internet-enabled ‘things’ only come into their own if they can communicate. However, many devices and applications are likely to fall outside the easy reach of wireless and GSM communications. Corry Brennan, Simplex regional sales manager for EMEA at Globalstar, explains how satellite-enabled asset tracking is helping industry players to harness the power of IoT to work smarter G reat strides have been made in satellite M2M and this expertise is being translated into early adoption of satellite communications to track and monitor assets that range from cargo to trucks, oil pipelines, reservoirs, rail cars, cattle and livestock as well as some of the world’s most endangered species. Because of their ubiquity and availability, even in extreme environmental conditions, satellite-powered M2M allows organisations to reach beyond terrestrial networks. They effectively bolt on extra coverage, reaching deep into remote and often hostile locations, as well as acting as back-up to mitigate land and mobile network outages and overloading. Whatever the sector, today’s organisations need to communicate with staff remotely and to track assets such as those operating in oil & gas, mining and major construction, for example. All can take advantage of reliable, cost-effective satellite services with small, userfriendly, low-power devices. The big GSM/mobile providers have been loudly publicising their achievements and their capabilities in M2M and with good reason. The large blue-chip players are developing M2M services, and forming heavyweight partnerships, with an eye on the virtually endless commercial possibilities and applications in areas with good infrastructure. But the story is different in those areas where mob