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22 BULKDISTRIBUTOR Terminals & Storage March/April 2016 Georgia port looks to the Silk Road G eorgia’s Ministry of Economy & Sustainable Development has announced that the Anaklia Development Consortium LLC has been awarded the contract to build and develop a deep sea port in Anaklia. Situated in the Black Sea coast, the US$2.5 billion project is being claimed as establishing a new maritime corridor between China and Europe. The Anaklia Development Consortium is a joint venture between TBC Holding LLC, which is based in Georgia, and Conti International LLC, a US-based infrastructure developer. Other key partners include port designer Moffatt & Nichol and the port transaction advisor Maritime & Transport B usiness Solutions from the Netherlands. The government of Georgia, which initiated the project, has committed to invest $100 million. Mamuka Khazaradze, founder and president of TBC Holding and founder and chairman of TBC Bank JSC, said the Anaklia project represents a “one-of-a-kind” investment in the restoration of the Silk Road that would pay dividends for generations of workers in Asia and Europe. “The government of Georgia deserves much credit for its foresight in initiating this project and ensuring it receives the support necessary for its completion,” he commented. Construction is scheduled to launch by the end of this year, subject to completion of environmental reviews. The port will be operational undertake the infrastructure development of Anaklia’s Deep Sea Port. We are looking forward to breaking ground and working with the government of Georgia to help forge new paths from Asia to Europe as well as unlocking the economic potential of Georgia’s neighbours and landlocked nations in the Caucasus.” Anaklia sits on the shortest route from China to Europe. The route has recently become a focal point for $40 billion in Chinese infrastructure investments under the Silk Road Situated in the Black Sea coast, the US$2.5 billion project is being claimed as establishing a new maritime corridor between China and Europe Development Fund and already accounts for 26 percent of Chinese three years after groundbreaking. The project is expected to create foreign trade volume. The recent opening of the $100 billion Asian as many as 3,400 jobs during the construction stage and 6,400 jobs Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) will also support regional to operate the port on completion. It will have the capacity to infrastructure development. The restoration of the Silk Road has handle 100 million tons of cargo and generate 0.5 percent of GDP been a priority for Georgia as well and builds on the government’s annually by 2025. Deep and Comprehensive Free Industrial Agreement (DCFTA) with Kurt Conti, CEO and president of Conti International, added: “We the European Union concluded in December 2014. are delighted and honoured to be awarded the contract to B TankBag TM THE FLEET OPTIMIZER FOR BULK LIQUID LOGISTICS • Eliminates prior cargo restrictions • Eliminates expense of difficult ISO Tank cleaning process • Transforms every ISO Tank into a guaranteed FDA and EU food compliant and Kosher certified tank container • Increases availability of clean ISO Tanks in absence of cleaning facility • Reduces number of empty container transports • Optimizes the ISO Tank fleet utilization LOAD AND DISCHARGE TANKBAG™ THROUGH THE HATCH OPENING OF ANY ISO TANK. LE AR N MO R E AB O U T TA N K BAG ™ B Y V I E W I N G T H E V I D E O AT TankBag.net Americas: +1.440.895.8203 Asia: +65.6653.7825 EMEA: +31.88.9088.868 info @TankBag.net A W O R L D G R O U P C O M PA N Y As part of the agreement, the Anaklia Development Consortium also receives the right to develop a Free Industrial Zone that will support the port’s operations and trade and be home to local and international companies. It will be administered with a tax-free regime to incentivise shipping companies and manufacturers to relocate and use the port. The developers claim Anaklia is poised to revitalise the Caucasus and Central Asia by opening up trade routes for neighbouring landlocked nations, such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kirgizstan and Tajikistan. Access to these countries is limited and infrastructure in Anaklia could provide the most efficient and secure route to millions living in Central Asia and the Caucasus. The Anaklia Development Consortium is being granted exclusive and irrevocable rights to use about 400 hectares of land for 49 years. On completion the port will provide deepsea accessibility for ships up to post-Panamax size. Direct rail loading at ITC Rubis I TC Rubis recently conducted its first direct transloading of liquefied gases from vessel into block train at its Antwerp, Belgium terminal. Over the past year ITC Rubis has built a facility suitable for transloading C3 and C4 gases directly from vessel into rail tanks or block trains which is now in full operation. The operation involves pumping product via a pipeline directly from a vessel into rail tanks connected to the gas loading station. During the entire operation no tank is used as intermediary storage. The loading station has been expanded from two to eight positions, ie, four on each track. This enables ITC Rubis to unload the vessel directly into four rail tanks simultaneously. Apart from the extension of the loading station ITC Rubis has also expanded its rail track capacity by building extra tracks along the length of the terminal in order to be able to store and shunt block trains more efficiently. The facility is said to be the only location in Port of Antwerp providing this type of direct loading. There is significant demand for importing liquefied gases into the ARA region and very few facilities can store, tranship and/or transload them. ITC Rubis also believes it will play a major role in shifting volume from road to rail transport mode.